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Advantages of flexible metal pipes

1, the tube light weight, only a quarter of the weight of steel, so the State Planning Commission Energy Department as a energy-saving materials project.

2, excellent corrosion resistance, due to the use of stainless steel strip or the use of special galvanizing process, the corrosion resistance of steel and metal hose can not be compared.

3, shielding performance is good, the test results show that the same with the steel.

4, the length is not restricted, according to the project needs, arbitrary cutting, this reduces the consumption of a fraction.

5, the tube has a threaded appearance, there are a variety of accessories, bending without mechanical, cutting as long as the special cutting knife site construction, very convenient, in the construction and decoration applications can save 40% -90%. In the shipbuilding industry can improve the efficiency of six times.

6, the tube has a good strength, good insulation, can be embedded in the reinforced concrete network: and can be made according to the needs of steel pipe.

7, and metal hose and PVC pipe in a certain occasion construction weaknesses.

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