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Classification And Use Of Alloy Steel Wire

Alloy tool steel wire: alloy tool steel wire commonly used steel alloy steel, high speed tool steel and alloy die steel. This kind of steel carbon content and high content of alloying elements, so high hardness, poor plasticity, drawing more difficult. The raw material is usually subjected to spheroidizing annealing, and the quality of spheroidizing annealing is the key to the smooth progress of drawing. Alloy tool steel wire with sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid pickling, and some mixed with sulfuric acid acid pickling. Drawn in lime with lime coating or lime-containing coating containing meta-powder. As some high-carbon high-alloy tool steel wire drawing deformation is more difficult, sometimes in the production of temperature to change the drawing deformation conditions.

Alloy welding wire: suitable for arc welding, gas welding, submerged arc welding, electroslag welding, especially gas welding and other purposes of the alloy wire. Made of special alloy structural steel, including manganese and manganese silicon, manganese molybdenum, manganese silicon molybdenum, manganese silicon molybdenum titanium, manganese molybdenum vanadium, chromium molybdenum, chromium molybdenum vanadium, chromium nickel molybdenum, chromium manganese silicon. The chemical composition of the welding wire has a great influence on the quality of the weld. The role of adding certain alloying elements in the steel is: (1) deoxidation; (2) strengthening the weld; and (3) controlling the carbon content. When the carbon content is high, the weld is easy to crack, the pores are large and the splash is large. Therefore, the carbon content of the welding wire is generally lower than that of the main metal, and the strength loss is made up of the strengthened alloying element. The wire is usually delivered in cold-drawn condition, but can also be heat treated, pickled and cleaned according to the user's requirements or supplied with a wire with a certain tensile strength. In order to increase the conductivity, submerged arc welding and gas shielded welding wire generally require surface copper plating, and to ensure that the coating is firm and uniform. The surface smoothness of the wire (degree of corrosion) and cleanliness (degree of oil residue) also affect the quality of the weld. Smooth surface and cleanliness, the conductive contact is good, arc stability, less splash, which can improve the quality of the weld. In order to improve the degree of smoothness, in the finished product drawing should adopt a higher total reduction rate and more drawing times. Lubricants can affect surface cleanliness and should be reasonably selected. In addition to solid wire, the tubular (core) wire production also has a great development.

Alloy cold forging steel wire: used to make more important rivets and bolts, the main steel rivets for manganese steel, chromium manganese silicon steel, chromium silicon nickel steel. The main requirements for the wire are: high surface quality, to ensure that after cold forging without cracking; high toughness. The difference between riveted steel and the corresponding steel is S, P content is low, less impurities. The wire rod heat treatment is carried out with incomplete annealing or isothermal annealing to obtain carbide spheroidization. Semi-finished products using recrystallization annealing. The carbides tend to be rounded by multiple annealing and cold drawing. The finished product is delivered in cold drawn or heat treated state. Alloy cold forging steel wire pickling using ordinary pickling process, but because the surface quality of the wire and pickling quality, in the operation to prevent over pickling, pickling is not clean and hydrogen embrittlement. Alloy cold-forged steel is low-carbon low-alloy steel, plastic is better, but in order to ensure the surface quality, drawing the general use of smaller pass reduction rate and a larger total reduction rate. The finished product is usually pulled only one, and the reduction rate is controlled at% 26le; 10%.

Stainless steel wire: stainless steel wire production in the production of alloy steel wire is a high degree of difficulty, its heat treatment, surface treatment and drawing process has its unique place. Stainless steel wire is mainly divided into austenitic, martensitic and ferrite stainless steel wire 3, of which the first two categories are more.

Austenitic stainless steel wire: 18-8 stainless steel wire as a typical, for spring steel wire, piano wire, cold forging wire and wire. Mostly to cold-drawn state delivery, but also to heat treatment delivery. The production of such wire rods, semi-finished products and finished products are treated by heat treatment. The surface oxide film is relatively dense, stable nature, generally with fusidine - triacid re-wash (see wire rod chemical descaling) to be removed. Mild oxide film can also be removed with hydrofluoric acid-nitric acid pickling. After pickling can be used copper, oxalate treatment or Tuyuan Ming powder - lime as a lubricating coating. After the solution treatment of austenitic stainless steel, although a good plasticity, but the tendency to work hardening strong, deformation resistance, drawing such a wire requires a good lubricant and the appropriate mold.

Martensitic stainless steel wire: the main varieties of medical equipment with steel wire and special wire and so on. Production of martensitic stainless steel wire, the raw materials in the hot rolling must be slow and spheroidized treatment to prevent cracking, and for the pull for the organization to prepare. Removal of the oxide film, usually the first alkali washing, and then hydrochloric acid or hydrochloric acid with sulfuric acid pickling. Can be used as a lime and lime as a lubricating coating. After drawing the steel wire should be removed in the residual lubricant as soon as possible after the heat treatment to prevent the existence of residual stress caused by the cracking of steel wire.

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