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How To Solve The Spring Steel Wire Depression On The Slow Plating

How to solve the Spring Steel Wire depression on the slow plating
Spring wire in the production will encounter all kinds of problems, one of which is concave depression at the slow, affecting the production process, how should we solve it.
The surface of the spring wire is relatively smooth, but also because the process used in the high-pressure phosphorus removal process, so you can ensure that the flat steel surface smooth, Spring Steel Wire size is also more accurate. In fact, want to solve the Shandong spring steel concave depression on the slow situation, we must first find out where the main reason is that the current is small, the bath contains lead composition, the temperature is relatively high, less brightener will be Cause this phenomenon, want to solve this situation, it is recommended that you increase the current, add potassium chloride, zinc powder can also be used to deal with, do a good job cooling work, add a brightener on it.
Solve the spring wire at the depression on the slow method of simple operation, it is important that we should master some skills.
Although the mattress spring wire itself is strong and durable, but improper storage or improper transportation or so will cause losses, so we should pay more attention.
1, in the mattress spring wire loading and unloading, it is best hanging net, non-metallic rope and other soft cable tools, do not recommend the use of scratches its surface chains, wire rope and other tools. But also in the loading and unloading, handling pipes can not throw throw, rolling;
2, in the course of transport should be avoided by severe crushing or severe impact, but also to prevent the sun was sun exposure or oil, chemicals and other pollution;
3, as far as possible in the open air to avoid the way to store;
4, stacked when neat and orderly. And the bottom of the pipeline should be a flexible bearing, such as sand, wood, etc., while the pipeline code can also be placed between the layers of the appropriate pad of some wood, mats, etc., so as to avoid long-term storage deformation;
5, should be away from heat, oil and chemical pollution areas, and storage should be exposed to ventilation.
Spring wire in use, there will be a certain life limit, then in order to use it before and after the quality can be guaranteed, then regular maintenance is necessary, if not timely maintenance, it may cause the decline in product quality , So how to maintain it? Hope that through the following, you can help in the future use.
1. Pickling General use of hydrochloric acid at room temperature under the conditions of chemical reaction, pickling after Spring Steel Wire surface is more beautiful, pickled after cleaning the surface of the acid, rinse with plenty of water.
2. Pickling after the need for phosphating, phosphating is divided into high temperature phosphating and medium temperature phosphating, high temperature flexible high cost, energy consumption, but the performance is more stable, higher quality spring steel, medium temperature phosphating cheap, No high temperature phosphating high quality. Uniform and fine phosphating layer is an important indicator of the Spring Steel Wire phosphating, high-quality phosphating, can ensure that the Spring Steel Wire acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, improve the life of the spring wire, is a high quality spring steel Important indicators.
The maintenance of the spring wire also directly determines whether it will affect the service life in the future, it may produce corrosion, broken wire, wear and other issues, but if the treatment in a timely manner, these problems can be avoided, then the key Look at the user is not really helpful.

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