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Shaped Steel Wire Drawing Treatment

Shaped Steel Wire drawing treatment
We usually use the high quality mattresses in the production of steel wire drawing and other key production process, so that we need to understand the purchase before the use of its pull processing.
Shaped Steel Wire in the drawing process, the role of the mold at the mouth of the unit was drawn on the cross-sectional area of the drawing force tensile stress σ1. In order to make the steel wire in the mold hole within the plastic deformation, tensile stress σ1 must be greater than the deformation of the hole in the deformation of the wire in the deformation of σT, while drawing stress σ1 must be less than the hole after the drawing of the wire yield limit σs, Therefore, the conditions for implementing the drawing process are usually expressed as: σT <σ1 <σs.
Pulling process safety factor K value is generally in the 1.40 to 2.0, K <1.40 that pull stress σ1 is too large, the die hole after the wire may continue to deformation occurs pull or pull off the phenomenon of drawing process is unstable, K > 2.0 shows that the tensile stress σ1 is small, the amount of road drawing deformation is too small, pull the road increased.
In order to improve the stability of the drawing process, reduce the number of pull and wear mold, improve the efficiency of drawing production, the safety factor K value can be greater than 2.0. We should understand the drawing process for the importance of special-Shaped Steel Wire quality of the bar, we manufacture and sell trustworthy Shaped Steel Wire, welcome to order.
Shaped Steel Wire heat treatment will re-get the conditions conducive to cold-drawn, of course, not because of this benefit to deal with, and what purpose?
1, so that the finished steel wire with the user requirements of the organization and performance;
2, so that hot-rolled wire rods with suitable for drawing the organization, can be normal to pull;
3, so that the wire has a special organization, cold drawn after the wire has a good performance;
4, to eliminate the previous cold drawing process of steel wire hardening, in order to facilitate the continued cold drawing.
Shaped Steel Wire heat treatment type of lead quenching, annealing, quenching and tempering and tempering treatment and other means, we will be in the next time for you to make one by one to introduce.
Shaped Steel Wire in the course of the operation, the role of shear pin, the material is how to choose a question worth considering, the following content for you to make an introduction.
1, so that the basic fishing tools and auxiliary tools to maintain the normal working condition, if necessary, by cutting off the pin out of the connection with the underground device;
2, when the downhole device, from the connection downhole device and the role of the next tool to prevent the downhole device in the process of leaving the normal out of hand;
3, after reaching the predetermined position, the downhole device is left at a predetermined depth by cutting the pin;
4, commonly used pin materials are steel, copper and aluminum, and sometimes use the wood to do the pin, need to be based on the characteristics of the tool, the column situation, into the depth and experience to select the appropriate material pins.
Shaped Steel Wire in the operation, be careful not to repeat the shock, and do not strong shock, to avoid lead deformation caused by the soft card.
Ordinary steel wire can not be directly made of special-Shaped Steel Wire, must have a special surface treatment, already have Shaped Steel Wire with tensile strength, compressive strength, fatigue resistance, Kang friction, stable performance, long life, corrosion resistance and other performance indicators.
Surface treatment of profiled steel wire
Generally include anti-physical wear and chemical resistance of two parts of the treatment, anti-physical wear, special-Shaped Steel Wire surface with a special alloy material, with wear, tensile, compression and other special properties. Anti-chemical corrosion treatment, special-Shaped Steel Wire plated stainless steel or galvanized and other anti-corrosion treatment process to avoid the special-Shaped Steel Wire is chemical corrosion, affecting its service life.
Shaped Steel Wire also need to lead the bath, the purpose is to improve the chemical properties of special-Shaped Steel Wire stability, Shaped Steel Wire surface through the lead bath to ensure its long-term stability of chemical properties.

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