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Spring Wire Classification

Spring run under State spring spring can be divided into static and dynamic. Static refers to limited service frequency of vibration of the spring spring, valve springs, Spring mattress, Pan Springs, spring load, mechanical spring, watch hairsprings. Dynamic spring term vibration frequency up to more than 1x10^6 Springs, such as engine valve springs, suspension springs, shock Springs, coupling Springs, lift cushion springs. Static tensile strength and stability the main consideration for selection of springs, the main consideration for dynamic selection of spring fatigue, relaxation and resonant properties.

Spring according to the load can be divided into light load, load and heavy load of three States. Light load under static stress, lower stress, deformation of small Springs, such as safety device with spring, absorb vibration with springs. Design life 10^3~10^4.

General load refers to the design of life 10^5~10^6, vibration frequency 300 times/min under the conditions of use of the common spring. In the context of allowable stress, life assurance 1x106, loads and stresses the lower, longer.

Refers to work long hours, heavy load vibration frequency of springs. Such as valve springs, air hammers and presses, hydraulic controllers, springs, its load is high, usually used around below the allowable stress 10%, service life is more than 1x10^6 times, usually for the 10^7 time.

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