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Mechanical Valves in High Carbon Spring Steel Wire

Spring wire knowledge Spring steel wire (spring steel wire) the manufacture of various types and uses of spring steel wire.

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Spring wire knowledge

Spring steel wire (spring steel wire) the manufacture of various types and uses of spring steel wire.

The main types are:

(1) for the cold coil spring wire, the spring cold roll forming after such heat treatment or only by low temperature heating application, mainly carbon spring steel wire;

(2) coil spring after the heat treatment of the spring steel wire, mainly alloy steel wire;

(3) quenched and tempered spring steel wire, also known as oil quenching a tempering spring wire;

(4) stainless steel spring wire, most of these steel wire is made of austenitic stainless steel, its production characteristics see alloy steel wire. In addition there are under development in the deformation heat treatment wire.

Carbon spring steel wire should have a high tensile strength, elastic limit, toughness and fatigue strength, and resistance to shock and vibration. Ensuring the strength and toughness characteristics, particularly the prevention of torsional cracks, is key to the production of spring steel wire. The inherent quality and surface quality of wire rods directly affect the performance of the wire. Carbon spring steel wire with high-carbon high-quality carbon structural steel or carbon tool steel wire rod manufacturing, according to the use of spring strict control of its chemical composition, gas content and non-metallic inclusions. In order to reduce the surface defects and decarburization layer, the production of wire rod billet to surface grinding, if necessary, but also to peeling. Wire rod to be normalized or sorbite treatment, the specifications of a large ball with annealing instead. Especially in the middle of the finished product before the heat treatment is widely used in the treatment of sorbite. Heat treatment to prevent decarbonization. Heat treatment using sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid pickling to remove iron oxide skin. Coating can be lime, phosphate, borax treatment or copper. The drawing process of the finished product has great influence on the performance of the product. Generally, it takes about 90% of the total surface area and the smaller surface area (about 23%) to ensure the toughness of the product. For high-strength spring steel wire, drawing should be controlled when the outlet temperature of the steel wire is lower than 150 ℃, to prevent the occurrence of steel wire due to strain aging and reverse the crack, which is the main drawback caused by wire scrap. For this reason, there must be good lubrication and adequate cooling during drawing. The smaller pass reduction rate and drawing speed will help to reduce the temperature rise of the steel wire. The residual stress in the steel wire after drawing has great influence on its performance. It can be eliminated by online straightening or low temperature heating.

Alloy spring steel wire with silicon manganese, chrome vanadium and other alloy spring steel manufacturing. The softening of the wire rod is not completely annealed. Heat treatment to prevent decarburization, silicon spring steel wire rod but also to prevent the precipitation of graphite carbon. Heat treatment of semi-finished products using recrystallization annealing. Pickling, coating process and the production of carbon spring steel wire is similar. As required, Si-Mn spring steel wire has cold drawing, annealing, normalizing, high temperature tempering, silver bright and oil quenching and tempering different delivery status; chrome vanadium spring steel wire cold drawing, annealing, status. General alloy spring steel wire wound into a spring, subject to quenching and tempering in the temperature before use.

Quenched and tempered spring steel wire main oil quenching and tempering a carbon spring steel wire and silicon-manganese alloy spring steel, the valve oil quenching a tempering carbon spring steel wire and chrome silicon alloy spring steel wire. Spring wire after drawing a tempering quenching and tempering treatment is the purpose of the steel wire has a high elastic limit and the yield ratio and good toughness and fatigue resistance. A spring made of quenched and tempered wire is stable in geometry and mechanical properties, with little fluctuation in load and can be heated below the tempering temperature to eliminate the residual stress generated during winding.

With wide experience and expertise, Friend Metal is engaged in the developing, manufacturing and marketing of mechanical valves in high carbon spring steel wire ASTM-A230-99, ASTM-A401, EN10270-2, JIS G3561. As a professional manufacturer, we now brings you high quality various steel wires made in China which comes in high strength, well toughness and excellent wearing resistance. We also welcome your customized orders.

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