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Bearing Retainer And Structure Of Low Carbon Steel Wire For Cold Forging

Are manufactured using riveted steel. Macroscopic evaluation of steel no shrinkage cracks and non-metallic inclusions, bubbles, and strata. Bearing for use in wire diameter o.75~12.Omm, tensile strength between 390~735MPa, requirements for higher dimensional accuracy and surface quality of wire, or tempering in a cold state (wire diameter%26le;2mm) delivery. Steel for cold upsetting General l~16ram in diameter, also requires a high degree of dimensional accuracy, surface quality, macrostructure, its tensile strength for 420~735MPa. Less than and equal to 2mm wire diameter test section shrinkage, its value must not be less than 35%~50%. Diameter greater than or equal to 3mm of wire to do cold upended, generally require specimens by cold upsetting to the original height%26divide; without cracks or cracks. Microstructure of the steel wire should be globular Pearlite and ferrite, and wire rod semi-finished products arising from or by the drawing of wire rod for spheroidization annealing. In order to obtain a good surface quality and ball organizations, improve the toughness of steel, the production of cold heading steel wire usually choose larger diameter rod to increase the total number of area reduction and annealing. Surface quality of cold heading steel wire and acid wash quality, acid and acid-washed dirt will reduce the surface quality of steel wire. In order to prevent acid produced when hydrogen embrittlement and the impact of the contraction of cross sectional area of the wire, after pickling, to fully bake. Finished drawing 134, in order to guarantee a high surface quality, suitable for smaller pass area reduction. Finished pulling drive total area reduction rate is generally less than 60% to ensure cold upsetting performance.

Carbon welding steel with special carbon structural steel, cold drawn condition delivery. For high strength Steel Wire For Welding Electrode, should try to reduce the hydrogen content in order to prevent the generation of weld cold cracking. Side, the wire must be clean, less attachment to reduce weld deposited metal diffusion hydrogen contents. In addition, the selection is the key to low hydrogen welding electrode wire drawing lubricants.

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