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How To Avoid Corrosion Damage In The Use Of Spring Steel Wire

How to avoid corrosion damage in the use of Spring Steel Wire
Spring Steel Wire used in our daily life is very common, the use of Spring Steel Wire in the process is difficult to avoid the use of harmful gases in the corrosive environment, so the Spring Steel Wire must have good corrosion resistance in order to protect its normal use.
How can the Spring Steel Wire be used to avoid corrosion? We can use oxidation to form an oxide film on the surface of the spring steel wire, thus preventing the corrosion of the gas. Oxidation treatment is able to reduce the friction of the Spring Steel Wire, the Spring Steel Wire in the use will be subject to repeated expansion and compression, so that it will friction with the spring chamber, which is the reason for the premature failure of Spring Steel Wire.
The oxidation of the Spring Steel Wire, the oxide film in the tiny pores can be stored in the oil, so that can play a very good lubrication, and the oxide film also has good resistance to thermal protection, to prevent the Spring Steel Wire premature failure The Spring steel wire after oxidation, after several experiments, no fracture and other phenomena, can show that the oxidation process to a certain extent, to enhance the life of the Spring Steel Wire.
In the process of using Spring Steel Wire we should pay attention to the maintenance of Spring Steel Wire to prevent corrosion and so on, so as to protect the Spring Steel Wire used more long-term, if you want to know more Spring Steel Wire maintenance knowledge, you are welcome to leave a message Or the phone contact us, our staff will be timely for your service.
 Spring Steel Wire is a simple structure, stable performance of the product, in our daily life is very common, this Spring Steel Wire in the production process is some basic requirements, and today, we follow the Spring Steel Wire manufacturers to understand Production requirements of the next Spring Steel Wire bar.
Spring Steel Wire work without friction, will not produce flutter, spring steel smaller, is a small lightweight products, the following to introduce the requirements of the torsion bar Spring Steel Wire made.
1. Both ends require. Both ends of the upsetting recommended free-forging method or bar top upsetting for forming, in order to get a continuous uniform flow of fiber. The grain of the streamline fibers is oriented in the direction of the torsion bar and the metal crystal fibers of the transition to the spline teeth are not broken.
2. Surface processing requirements. The surface of the Spring Steel Wire needs to be left with sufficient machining allowance to ensure the final amount of grinding, and the grinding time is required to ensure that the machining accuracy is not possible. If the surface is not processed on the torsion bar Spring Steel Wire, the table should be presented with decarburization degree, surface defects, and surface size tolerances.
Heat treatment Heat treatment is the key to improve the strength of spring steel wire, heat treatment can make the spring steel wire to achieve the maximum working stress.
4. Surface protection treatment. In order to prevent corrosion and surface mechanical damage, surface treatment (such as phosphating, paint treatment) and rubber band, nylon cloth, epoxy resin paint and other methods to be protected.
5. Requirements for materials
Raw materials should meet the requirements of the technical requirements for steel. Materials generally have no shrinkage, white spots, hot cracks and other defects that affect the applicability of the material. As the sulfur, phosphorus on the torsion bar Spring Steel Wire material properties of great impact, so their content should be controlled within 0.04%, and better hardenability.

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