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How To Make Butterfly Children's Hair Band

How to make butterfly Children's Hair Band
Bring such a beautiful "butterfly" is not very beautiful? Teach you how to DIY butterfly ribbon hair card ~ ~
The use of sewing technology to produce a very simulation of non-woven technology, if we can learn our non-woven production of the tutorial, then it must be from this non-woven production technology, learning a part of their own non-woven production technology The Of course, the summer is coming soon, may wish to make such a non-woven simulation ice cream as a couple gift to lovers, I believe he will love.
1, first remove a piece of brown non-woven out, and then according to the icon of the style, will be cut into a left-cut fabric style, and then use the brown needle and thread in the above sewing out of a grid.
2, will be sewn good brown non-woven curl into the bottom of the ice cream style, in order to some of the beautiful, we will be the location of the edge of the modification, the modification of some natural.
 3, and then remove a white and dark brown non-woven out, the two non-woven to cut into two sections of cloth.
4, the ice cream inside the tube we want to stuff into some cotton, in order to better produce this ice cream needs, and then a white and brown cloth with glue to paste into a piece.
5, and then this winding to a piece of non-woven to the slow roll to the ice cream tube, in order to look beautiful, we can set up more.
6, in order to fix the internal ice cream non-woven will not fall out, we can in the coil when the glue fixed with. This is a non-woven simulation of ice cream on the production is completed.
Tools / raw materials
Ribbons, imitation pearls, hair cards
Look at the material to be prepared:
    4cm wide white ribbon square 2 pieces
    2.5cm wide pink ribbon square two
    1.5cm wide watermelon red ribbon with 5cm length
    1cm hemispherical imitation pearl 1, 3mm imitation pearl beads a section
The white pair is folded into a triangle
Two corners are folded to the vertex angle
And then folded on both sides outward, vertex position, minus a section, fixed
Four are doing well
Fixed in the figure together, and then install the butterfly tentacles
Will melon red ribbon, fixed in the hairpin above, and then the beads fixed
Bind the wings
And then bonding the upper hemispherical imitation pearls, complete.
Fixed on the card, turned over the appearance

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