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Selection Of Steel Wire Rope

According to the appendix A "in the GB/T8918-1996 standard wire rope main purpose recommended list" please refer to the sample A5, A6 page, in view of the line contact breaking force of rope, long fatigue life and corrosion resistance, preferred to choose the line contact wire rope. Requires softer 6*37 classes available.

According to the characteristics of the equipment, an example is given:

(1) elevator and aviation wire rope should choose the corresponding professional wire rope;

(2) the special steel wire rope should be selected for high lift tower crane wire rope;

(3) the head is not high, the crane piling machine, drilling machine, excavator, excavator, wire rope mechanical requirements, abrasion resistance, fatigue resistance, good impact resistance, can choose 6*29Fi or 6*36SW wire rope structure;

(4) the metal rope core wire rope can be used in the equipment with high load or broken load under the high temperature environment;

(5) wire rope for shipping, shipping, fisheries, strapping timber, for corrosion resistance, soft, can choose a galvanized steel wire rope 6*19, 6*24, 6*37 and other structures in addition, selection of wire rope tensile stressed should be based on the safety coefficient of the requirement to use load, and choose the proper level of strength, should not blindly the pursuit of high strength. In short, we should choose the right wire rope according to the characteristics of the equipment and the working occasion, and ensure the safety, prolong the service life and improve the economic benefits.

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