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The Use Of Spring Wire

Spring wire is mainly used in locomotives, vehicles, cars, tractors, aircraft, a variety of coil springs and leaf springs.

Thermoforming spring heat treatment Diameter or thickness greater than 10-15mm large spring parts, multi-purpose hot-rolled wire rod drawn steel or steel plate made.

Processing and heat treatment: the first spring wire heating to higher than the normal quenching temperature of 50-80 ℃ under the conditions of hot roll molding, and then quenching + tempering tempering, to obtain excellent flexibility and fatigue strength of the tempered sorbite. Spring steel wire quenching should be used less oxygen or no oxidation of equipment such as salt bath furnace, protective atmosphere furnace, to prevent oxidation decarburization.

Spring steel wire after heat treatment but also shot peening, strengthen the surface, resulting in residual compressive stress, improve fatigue strength.

Hot-rolled spring steel wire used in the process: flat steel cut -> heating and bending after the formation of waste heat quenching + tempering tempering + shot peening -> packaging.

, Cold forming spring heat treatment diameter less than 8mm spring pieces, commonly used cold drawn steel wire cold forming. Cold drawn steel wire manufacturing process and follow-up heat treatment, mainly the following three categories:

① lead bath treatment cold drawn steel wire first continuous drawing three times, the total deformation of 50%, and then heated to Ac3 above the temperature to its austenitizing, followed by 450-550 ℃ lead bath isothermal treatment, AOC Body into sorbite tissue. Yield strength of 1600Mpa, cold roll forming, annealing at 200-300 ℃ to eliminate stress.

② oil quenching and tempering steel wire drawing to the processing size, the oil quenching and tempering. The strength of such wire is not as good as that of lead bath, but the performance is uniform and the cost is low. After cold roll forming, the stress treatment is carried out.

③ annealing the wire to pull the wire to the specified size, and then annealing. After the softening of the steel wire cold forming, need to go through quenching + tempering in order to obtain the required mechanical properties. The main role of alloying elements in spring steel wire is to improve the mechanical properties, improve the process performance and give some special properties (such as high temperature, corrosion resistance) and so on.

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