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What Are The Actual Effects Of Profiled Shaped Steel Wire Products?

What are the actual effects of profiled Shaped Steel Wire products?

    Shaped Steel Wire is to build the future trend, closely follow the development of the times so that concrete with special-Shaped Steel Wire has good toughness, tensile, bending, shear, anti-fatigue, anti-erosion, anti-explosion and control cracks and deformation advantages. Performance, including the tensile strength, bond strength, hardness and corrosion resistance.In order to overcome the brittleness of concrete, low tensile strength defects, it must be required to have a high tensile strength of special-shaped wire.If the special-Shaped Steel Wire Damage, the main reason is the shape of the wire was pulled out of the lead, so the special-Shaped Steel Wire and the bonding performance of the matrix is particularly important.In order to meet the needs of the market, according to market and customer requirements to develop and produce different types of special- , This product has resistance to compression, bending, strong shear, and so on, and do not fade, low prices, not easy to lose, etc. is the city sidewalk, high-end residential areas, squares, parks and other ideal municipal materials, Style of the overall color effect with, to achieve the desired beauty and design results.

   Shaped Steel Wire as a new type of composite material is now in front of people, and has been used throughout the use of special-shaped wire can be reduced by the load in the concrete caused by the end of the joints at the end of the joint stress to control the concrete gap The expansion of the composite material to improve the crack resistance.With the rapid development of China's construction projects, people for the engineering requirements are getting higher and higher, so the special-Shaped Steel Wire as a new type of building materials in the construction works stand out. Shaped Steel Wire concrete dry mixing repair material in the large area of the bridge repair process showed good construction, no bleeding, curing fast, super early strong, no cracking, stable performance and other characteristics of the construction unit received praise, effectively overcome the The traditional repair materials, slow curing, repair after the completion of a long time to maintain the construction process easy to crack and other shortcomings to ensure the quality of repair works and timely opening of traffic. Shaped wire as a new and efficient municipal road repair materials, a wide range of markets prospect.

  The basic theory of the special-Shaped Steel Wire concrete is to strengthen the plastic, fiber reinforced metal on the basis of the use of the development.As the special-Shaped Steel Wire composition and structure of the multi-phase, multi-component and non-homogeneous, Which is more complex than fiber reinforced plastic or reinforced metal, how to make the enhancement mechanism fully reflect its own characteristics, is still constantly controversial, perfect and development.

The main purpose of the special-Shaped Steel Wire concrete is just to do with the concrete in the cement, sand, gravel to do a good job, and a good combination of natural good results and performance. Shaped wire can not only effectively enhance the tensile, , Crack resistance and other ability to have a good anti-corrosion. Coastal seawater erosion is serious, so in the coastal areas of the construction project will use fiber products. Shaped wire concrete mix design is designed to be composed of materials, The special steel wire, cement, water, coarse aggregate and admixture with reasonable, so that the preparation of special-Shaped Steel Wire concrete to meet the maximum requirements of the construction and engineering requirements.To make the preparation of special-shaped wire reinforced concrete has a good workability, convenience and Meet the requirements of the construction.To give full play to the characteristics of special-Shaped Steel Wire, reasonable to determine the amount of special-shaped wire and cement, to minimize the cost of engineering. Shaped wire is the most important feature to ensure good tensile strength, elongation at break, , Strict control of the smelting process.

When the volume ratio of the profiled steel wire exceeds 2%, the workability of the mixture is deteriorated, and the construction is difficult and the quality is difficult to be guaranteed, but when the special needs are tested and the necessary construction measures are taken, the quality and the enhancement effect , According to the domestic and international engineering and application experience, different Shaped Steel Wire concrete structure, commonly used volume rate selection range is listed in Table 1-2. Selection according to the performance of Shaped Steel Wire, the structure of the enhanced The requirements of the requirements, as well as the principle of economic rational selection.When the performance of the special-Shaped Steel Wire or the structure of the lower requirements of the lower, the choice of low value, the structure of the higher requirements or high-profile steel wire performance is optional high value The hardness of the profiled wire is mainly manifested in the phenomenon that the irregular steel wire concrete will not bend when stirring, which will affect the enhanced effect.

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