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Characteristics and application of spring steel wire

The spring is used in the elastic range and should be restored to its original position after unloading. The smaller the plastic deformation, the better the elastic limit, yield strength and tensile strength of the steel wire. The higher the yield strength ratio, the closer the elastic limit to the tensile strength. Therefore, the more strength can be improved, the stronger the spring elasticity.

Spring relies on elastic deformation to absorb impact energy, so spring steel wire does not have to have a high plasticity, but at least it can bear the plasticity of spring forming, and enough toughness to withstand impact energy.

Springs often work under alternating stresses for long periods of time, so they have a high fatigue limit, as well as good creep and relaxation properties.

The spring used in a specific environment also has some special requirements for steel wire, for example, the spring used in the corrosive medium must have good corrosion resistance. The spring used in precision instruments should have long-term stability and sensitivity, low temperature coefficient, high quality factor, small after effect and constant elastic modulus. Springs operating at high temperatures require high elastic limits and good creep resistance at high temperatures.

In addition, the forming process and heat treatment process of spring steel wire should be taken into account. Cold drawn spring steel wire and oil quenching tempered spring steel wire are supplied in the state of supply. The steel wire is directly wound with spring, and the spring is formed and used directly after eliminating stress treatment. The tensile strength of cold spring steel is higher than that of oil tempered steel wire. Large size cold drawn steel wire elasticity is too large, it is difficult to coil spring, so cold drawn spring steel wire is generally less than 8.0mm specifications, oil quenching and tempering wire using specifications generally less than 13.0mm. In fact, the diameter of the 13.0mm spring more light tension spring steel wire, cold drawing, winding, forming, quenching, tempering, use. Most of the steel wires above 15.0mm in diameter are heated by winding process to make spring.

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