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Improving the sensitivity of spring steels for automobile

To improve automobile suspension spring steel for strength and must be decreased due to hydrogen in a corrosive environment resulting in delayed fracture susceptibility. Japan on added alloy elements Hou of resistance points-like corrosion sex different of spring steel, that General spring steel JISSUP12 and high strength spring steel HDS13, and resistance points-like corrosion sex high of high strength spring steel HDS13M series for has in 5mass%NaCl water solution in the repeatedly wet and dry corrosion Hou of SSRT test, according to corrosion reaction produced of hydrogen in steel in the of into behavior and SSRT test characteristics, research has resistance points-like corrosion sex and delay fracture sensitivity of relationship, proceeds results following.

Add an increased element of pitting corrosion resistance of Ni, and Cr, Cu, Mo and b and new alloy design of high strength spring steel HDS13M series pitting resistance more than Ni and higher Mo content of the HDS13 spring steel.

Represented by V'cq100 pitting corrosion resistance of spring steels, generate the RADIUS and depth of pitting corrosion is small, its bias is also small.

According to SSRT of wet and dry before and after the cyclic corrosion test results, if V'cq100 is high, standardized and break time, the lower the maximum load.

Under wet-dry cyclic corrosion tests of hydrogen thermal analysis results, can see the exception in the 673~773K zone of the hydrogen peak. Using silver staining method to observe the hydrogen, the peak and after corrosion rust and steel interface corresponds to the concentration of hydrogen release.

Of hydrogen in which enrichment increased at the same time, breaking time of standardization shortens, delayed fracture susceptibility will increase.

Through the concentration of hydrogen in the interface and then heated to more than 673K, so its release, can increase due to wet-dry cyclic corrosion sensitivity to delayed fracture of restores.

Add help improve pitting corrosion resistance of alloy elements can be generated due to repeated wet corrosion of hydrogen reduction, improved delayed fracture resistance properties of spring steel.

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