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Product characteristics of steel wire rope:

Product characteristics of steel wire rope:

1. Wire rope can transfer long distance load;

2, steel rope can bear a variety of loads and alternating load role;

3, steel wire rope has higher tensile strength, fatigue strength and impact toughness. The commonly used strength is 2160MPA;

4, steel wire rope in high speed working conditions, wear resistance, seismic resistance, good operation stability;

5, steel wire rope wear resistance is good, can be in a variety of harmful media in the harsh environment of normal work;

6, the wire rope bearing safety factor is large, safe and reliable use;

7, wire rope scrap standard: Wire Rope Inspection and scrap standard according to CB/T5972-1986 "crane wire rope inspection and scrap practical norms" implementation;

8, steel wire rope should be used when the use of hard brush or wooden pieces, is not directly to the work of the steel wire rope;

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