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Wire standard

Carbon spring steel wire recommended existing national and industry standards are divided into two types:

1, cold drawn spring wires

A class of cold deformed reinforcement wire, also known as cold drawn spring steel wire. Cold drawing carbon spring steel wires by lead quenching first obtain sorbite, surface phosphate, with very large area reduction drawing to finished size, wire tissue is fibrous, have very high tensile strength and elastic limit and good bending and torsion. High precision cold drawn spring steel wire, smooth surface, no oxidation and decarburization defects, fatigue life more stable, is the most widely used spring steel wire.

2, oil-tempered steel wire

Carbon spring steel wire is another type of martensite strengthening wire, also known as the oil-tempered wire. Carbon steel through quenching, tempering, can obtain good mechanical properties, when when the wire size is smaller (φ ≤ 2.0mm), strength indexes of oil-tempered steel wire after the peso's treatment of steel wire, cold-drawn lower. When when the wire size is large (φ ≥ 6.0mm) sorbite wire cannot be used a lot of area reduction to achieve the required strength, oil-tempered steel wire but entirely through hardening can get higher performance than cold-drawn steel wire. Tensile strength under the same conditions, martensite strengthening wire than the cold deformed reinforcement wire has a high elastic limit. Cold drawn wire fiber shape of microstructure and anisotropy of apparent, oil-tempered steel microstructure is even tempered martensite, is almost isotropic. While anti-relaxation properties of oil-tempered wire cold-drawn steel wire, use temperature (150~190℃) is also higher than cold-drawn steel wire (≤ 120 degrees). Large sized oil quenching and tempering steel wire instead of cold drawn steel wire trend.

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