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The standard applies to the sofa spring, cushion, back spring, spring, clip spring and other non-mechanical spring with carbon spring wire. The standard according to the tensile strength needs different wire divides A1, A2, A3 ... A9 nine groups, each group of steel wire regardless of the standard size according to a strength plan supply, tensile strength error ≤ 200Mpa. A1, A2 and A3 are used to make lower stress springs. A3, A4 and A5 are used to make general stress springs. A7, A8 and A9 are used to make higher stress springs. The pad spring is generally selected for A3 and A4 groups.

From the use of the situation analysis, the standard steel wire attributed to the static spring, the product wire only check the tensile strength, coiling and single bending three functions, see Table 3. Table 3 YB / T5220-93 Carbon spring steel for non-mechanical springs


① Φ ≤ 4.0mm wire in the 2d mandrel coiled two laps without cracks or broken.

② Φ> 4.0mm steel wire bending test, the sample along the R = 10mm arc to the same direction of bending 90o, bending without cracks or broken.

A1-A3 group of steel wire generally used 45 ~ 70 steel, A3 ~ A6 group selected 65Mn or 70 steel, A7 ~ A9 group of wire selection 70 or T8MnA (82B) produced. As a result of the standard supply of steel wire for the production of static spring, the need for fatigue life is relatively loose, the wire can be used to control the cold-rolled wire rod directly pull the product. Steel wire before the heat treatment can also be used instead of lead bath with normalizing. Together allow the use of converter sedative steel as a material.

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