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Alloy Steel Wire A Brief Overview Of Alloy Wire

Alloy Steel Wire A simple overview of alloy steel wire. Alloy steel wire (alloy steel wire) to alloy steel wire rod as raw material by drawing the production of steel wire. Alloy steel wire is more superior than carbon steel wire or carbon steel wire does not have the performance. Alloy steel wire types are alloy tool steel wire, bearing steel wire, alloy tool steel wire, alloy spring steel wire (see spring steel wire), alloy welding wire, alloy cold forging steel wire and stainless steel wire. Compared with the production of carbon steel wire, alloy wire in the requirements of raw materials and production processes have its specificity

  Alloy structural steel a lot of steel, but basically can be divided into two categories, namely pearlite and bainite, and the former majority. Finished silk diameter of about 2 ~ 10mm, cold and heat treatment of two delivery status

  Alloy Steel Wire The Alloy structural steel wire is generally used to make components, so it requires the specified size tolerance, surface quality, intrinsic quality and processing performance, in which the surface quality will directly affect the component manufacturing process of the finished product and component life. The low magnification and non-metallic inclusions of steel should meet the requirements. According to the need for carbon content of 0.3% of the steel wire to test decarburization layer. Alloying steel wire heat treatment, the pearlitic steel wire, raw materials can be used for incomplete annealing (spheroidization treatment), semi-finished and finished products can be used for recrystallization annealing; bainitic steel wire, as generally medium and low carbon Cr-Ni The bainite structure is usually obtained when the steel is hot and cold. Therefore, the raw materials, semi-finished products can be below the Ac1 temperature for high temperature tempering or annealing to achieve the purpose of softening. The structure of the alloy steel wire and semi-finished product pickling according to the alloying element content and the nature of the surface oxide pickling. Si, Mn alloy structural steel with sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid pickling; containing Cr, Ni, Mo, V alloy structural steel can be mixed with sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid pickling. After pickling can be dipped in lime or with lime containing yuan powder for lubrication coating (see lubrication carrier), after drying (see wire drying). General alloy structure steel wire drawing when the maximum pass minus the rate (see area reduction rate) at 25%, a total reduction in the rate of drawing about 50%.

  Alloy Steel Wire The bearing wire is used to manufacture the ball and roller for the bearing and some blade tools. Mainly made of chromium bearing steel, wire diameter range of 1.4 ~ 16mm. Requires a high hardness, wear resistance and fatigue resistance, good toughness and a certain degree of corrosion resistance. Therefore, the steel uniformity of the organization, the distribution of carbide, non-metallic inclusions and decarburization degree are stringent requirements. The tensile strength of the wire is 590 ~ 715MPa. The microstructure of the wire should be 2 ~ 4 fine granular pearlite

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