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Analysis On The Relationship Between Life And Bending Of Alloy Steel Wire

Analysis on the Relationship between Life and Bending of Alloy Steel Wire
    Alloy Steel Wire will be wound on the reel during application, according to the latest research, in this case Alloy Steel Wire curl and life there is a certain connection. Let's take a look at the relationship between the two.
    The radius of curvature of the curvature is the ratio of the diameter of the bending radius of the upper Alloy Steel Wire to the diameter of the hopper drum or the diameter of the winch drum and the diameter of the Alloy Steel Wire. Alloy Steel Wire in the field used in the process of bending stress will become larger, the amplitude of alternating stress will become larger. In the case of the same tension, the diameter of the drum will be reduced, the bending deformation of the wire will become larger, then the wear of the wire will be accelerated, the life of the Alloy Steel Wire will become shorter. Conversely, the larger the diameter of the drum, then the Alloy Steel Wire bending force will be reduced accordingly, the rope life will become longer. So the conditions to allow the case to improve the diameter of the drum is a preferred way to improve the service life of the rope.
    When arranging the pulley layout in a friction hoist, avoid bending the Alloy Steel Wire in the reverse direction. Reverse bending, then the Alloy Steel Wire will be more times the reverse bending, in this alternating stress, it will reduce the life of Alloy Steel Wire.
    In short, the use of Alloy Steel Wire life with many factors, so to adopt different measures. In the choice of Alloy Steel Wire, the quality should be guaranteed, but also in the daily use of Alloy Steel Wire to do the maintenance, especially in corrosive environment to do these. Thereby extending the service life of wire rope, to ensure safe and efficient production operations.
  1 surface treatment of energy-saving transformation
    Surface treatment of Alloy Steel Wire, mainly to remove the wire or semi-finished steel wire surface oxide scale, and increase the coating, in order to facilitate the process after the drawing of the lubricant into the common surface treatment for large pond pickling, phosphating, etc. Process, the process due to the whole winding processing, large pool of open, pickling and phosphating processes need heating, resulting in surface treatment is neither energy nor environmental protection, and product quality control is also more inconvenient, the transformation of a huge space, At present, there are several kinds of surface treatment process can learn from the application:
   (1) mechanical stripping + online continuous chemical pickling or ultrasonic cleaning + boron on-line processing, the technology is mature, in the steel cord, cutting wire, bead wire and high pressure hose and other products mature application, with high production efficiency , Product quality and stability, with less acid, relatively energy saving;
   (2) shot peening + electrolytic phosphating, but also occasional application, the surface treatment requirements of the Alloy Steel Wire, is also a better production process, high-speed iron pills on the wire surface quality improvement, improve spring life great benefit;
   (3) mechanical shelling + belt processing + online Tu Peng, but the belt cost is relatively high, but more environmentally friendly;
   (4) tunnel-type sealed pickling system, the system is also the whole volume of surface treatment, but the high level of automation, wire rod in the closed tunnel kiln in the pond cleaning, acid utilization is high, but the investment is large, An annual output of 100,000 tons production lines, investment up to 6 million yuan.

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