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The Material Characteristics Of Stainless Shaped Steel Wire

The material characteristics of stainless Shaped Steel Wire
Mattress purchase of good or bad impact of our sleep quality, everyone in the purchase of mattresses will buy a comfortable, more cost-effective products, but the mattress is good and bad and mattress Shaped steel profiled steel material is Very relevant. We now know about the time to buy the material to know the characteristics of knowledge.
1, high elasticity: the best support to naturally adapt to any position of sleepers, lifting the sleep caused by the backache and not easy to sleep.
2, orthopedic features: mattress Shaped Steel Wire contact with the human body is wide, can evenly disperse the weight of the human body, automatically adjust the poor sleeping position, health so that the spine to relax recovery, which has orthopedic function.
3, breathable mildew: a good comfort, breathability, anti-mildew, anti-bacterial, anti-mite characteristics, to overcome the warm and humid climate and environment, inhibit the growth of bacteria and parasites, open porous balloon structure, So that the air in the mattress Shaped Steel Wire is still free to flow, its permeability can be dispersed in the skin and mattresses Shaped Steel Wire contact with the heat, sweat, to keep the sleep comfortable and dry.
4, ultra-quiet: mattress shaped steel wire can be absorbed due to sleep flip, caused by noise and vibration, so that sleep without interference, will not affect the sleeping companion, and can effectively reduce the number of turn over, so you sleep more stable and sweet.
Mattress Shaped steel material is good or bad, we will know how to better understand the knowledge of these products, so that we buy mattress Shaped Steel Wire, remember to ask professional manufacturers, we are willing to provide you with more Suitable for your product.
Mattress Shaped Steel Wire processing In order to enhance the use of anti-fatigue, the need to implement shot peening, extended use of life.
Shot peening can effectively clean off the oxide, rust, sand and old paint and other impurities, is a cold treatment process, is in a fully controlled state, the countless small round called steel balls of high-speed and continuous jet , Hammered to the mattress shaped steel wire surface, resulting in a residual compressive stress layer on the surface. Because when each steel shot hit the metal parts, like a miniature bar hammering the surface, hammer small indentation or depression. To form a depression, the metal surface must be stretched. Under the surface, the compressed grains try to restore the surface to the original shape, resulting in a hemisphere under the action of a high degree of compression force. Numerous depressions overlap to form a uniform residual compressive stress layer. Ultimately, the part under the protection of the pressure layer, a great extent to improve the anti-fatigue strength, extended safety working life.
Shot peening is divided into general shot peening and stress peening. General treatment, the mattress Shaped Steel Wire in the free state, with high-speed steel shot inside to make the surface to produce pre-stress. To reduce the tensile stress on the surface of the work, increase the service life. Stress shot peening is the mattress Shaped Steel Wire under a certain force in the pre-bending, and then shot peening.
Peening the mattressing of the mattresses reduces the occurrence of deformation, increases the participation of stress, and increases the anti-fatigue effect.
In order to ensure the final performance of mattress shaped steel wire, in addition to the production of raw materials to join a variety of alloying elements, should also follow the following parameters.
1, the demand side can increase the requirements of non-metallic inclusions.
2, the diameter of ≤ 5.0mm mattress Shaped Steel Wire tensile strength to σb ≤ 1035Mpa.
3, diameter ≤ 5.0mm shaped steel wire in the equivalent of mattress Shaped Steel Wire diameter of 1 to 2 times the mandrel winding 6 laps, shall not break and break.
4, large size (Ф> 8.0) finished cold drawing rate of not more than 25%.
5, small size mattress Shaped Steel Wire (Ф ≤ 5.0) minus the rate of not more than 30%.

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