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Analysis On The Relationship Between The Life And The Curvature Of Cold-drawn Alloy Steel Wire

Analysis on the relationship between the life and the curvature of Cold-drawn Alloy Steel Wire
    Cold-drawn Alloy Steel Wire will be wound on the reel during application, according to the latest research, in this case cold-rolled alloy wire crimp and life is a certain relationship. Let's take a look at the relationship between the two.
    The radius of curvature of the curvature is the ratio of the diameter of the roll of the riser drum to the diameter of the winch drum and the diameter of the cold drawn alloy wire. Cold bending alloy wire in the field of use of the process of bending stress will become larger, the amplitude of alternating stress will become larger. In the case of the same tension, the drum diameter will be reduced, the wire bending deformation will become larger, then the wire will be accelerated wear and tear, cold drawn alloy wire life will be shorter. On the contrary, the larger the diameter of the drum, then the cold drawn alloy wire bending force will be reduced accordingly, the rope life will become longer. So the conditions to allow the case to improve the diameter of the drum is a preferred way to improve the service life of the rope.
    When the pulley is arranged in the friction hoist, it is necessary to avoid reverse bending of the cold drawn alloy wire. Reverse bending, then, cold drawn alloy wire will be more reverse bending, in this alternating stress, it will reduce the Cold-drawn Alloy Steel Wire life.
    In short, the use of Cold-drawn Alloy Steel Wire life with many factors, so to adopt different measures. In the choice of Cold-drawn Alloy Steel Wire, the quality should be guaranteed, but also in the daily use of cold-drawn alloy steel wire maintenance, especially in corrosive environment to do this. Thereby extending the service life of wire rope, to ensure safe and efficient production operations.
The initial cost of stainless steel is generally high, but there are many ways to save money, such as it does not require corrosion-resistant coating, can reduce the cost of spare equipment; stainless steel parts light weight, the required structure support less; Of the parts, transport and installation costs lower; high flow rate means that you can use a small diameter pipe, do not need to corrosion margin, you can thin the thickness of the wall.
    Although the initial cost of stainless steel is high, the life cycle cost is generally lower due to the cost savings. Smooth inner surface can reduce the energy consumed by the pump, can reduce the number of checks and costs, reduce maintenance costs. Do not need to re-coating, do not need to replace, reducing the downtime, life is extended. After the end of life can be 100% recycling.
 Test Cold-drawn Alloy Steel Wire quality is good or bad methods are the following:
   1, the appearance of size inspection: the Cold-drawn Alloy Steel Wire diameter (including roundness) surface, structure, twist and twist quality and other items of inspection.
   2, Cold-drawn Alloy Steel Wire dismantling test: cold-drawn alloy steel wire part or all of the broken or monofilament to test the cold drawn alloy wire to calculate the sum of the tensile strength of steel wire and cold-drawn alloy steel wire performance.
   3, cold drawn alloy wire breaking tensile test: the determination of cold drawn alloy wire in the one-way static force under the impact of tensile strength to withstand the test.
   4, relaxation test: cold drawn alloy wire under the initial tension, after a certain period of time, the determination of the stress loss test.
   5, flattening test: Determination of cold drawn alloy steel wire in the direction of the deformation under the pressure of the test.
   6, fatigue test: Determination of Cold-drawn Alloy Steel Wire under the provisions of the alternating pressure, to withstand the repeated bending capacity of the test. Cold-drawn alloy steel wire: with a number of or more strand of thin wire twisted into a flexible rope, wire rope is twisted by a multi-layer wire, and then to the core as the center, by a certain number of strand twisted into a spiral rope. In the material handling machinery, for lifting, pulling, tensioning and carrying the use. The high strength of the wire rope, light weight, work smoothly, not easy to break the whole root, reliable work.

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