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Spring Steel Wire General Design Requirements You Know?

Spring Steel Wire general design requirements you know?
    Spring Steel Wire in the design, the need to consider a number of factors, Tianbao mainly on the Spring Steel Wire in the design should be considered aspects.
     The diameter of the Spring Steel Wire
     The diameter of the Spring Steel Wire diameter affects the other aspects of the Spring Steel Wire, so depending on the requirements, select the appropriate diameter, the greater the diameter of the general Spring Steel Wire the higher the quality.
     Number of work cycles
     The number of work cycles is also the Spring Steel Wire design, an important consideration, the more the number of working cycles, the greater the Spring Steel Wire bearing capacity, otherwise the opposite, so the Spring Steel Wire according to the mature ability to select the Spring Steel Wire turns.
      Volume, weight, stability and other factors
     In the design of Spring Steel Wire, but also consider other factors, such as volume, volume and engineering machinery is appropriate, whether the weight is excessive, stable performance is reliable, and life.
Energy saving and environmental protection in Spring Steel Wire production
    1 surface treatment of energy-saving transformation
    Spring Steel Wire in the production of surface treatment, mainly to remove the wire or semi-finished steel wire surface oxide, and increase the coating, in order to facilitate the process after the drawing of the lubricant into the common surface treatment for large pond pickling, phosphating, etc. Process, the process due to the whole winding processing, large pool of open, pickling and phosphating processes need heating, resulting in surface treatment is neither energy nor environmental protection, and product quality control is also more inconvenient, the transformation of a huge space, At present, there are several kinds of surface treatment process can learn from the application:
   (1) mechanical stripping + online continuous chemical pickling or ultrasonic cleaning + boron on-line processing, the technology is mature, in the steel cord, cutting wire, bead wire and high pressure hose and other products mature application, with high production efficiency , Product quality and stability, with less acid, relatively energy saving;
   (2) shot peening + electrolytic phosphating, also occasionally applied to the surface treatment requirements of the Spring Steel Wire, is also a better production process, high-speed iron pills on the wire surface quality improvement, improve the life of Spring Steel Wire great benefit ;
   (3) mechanical shelling + belt processing + online Tu Peng, but the belt cost is relatively high, but more environmentally friendly;
   (4) tunnel-type sealed pickling system, the system is also the whole volume of surface treatment, but the high level of automation, wire rod in the closed tunnel kiln in the pond cleaning, acid utilization is high, but the investment is large, An annual output of 100,000 tons production lines, investment up to 6 million yuan.
 Spring Steel Wire in the use of elastic range, after unloading should be restored to the original position, the plastic deformation of the smaller the better, so the wire should have a high elastic limit, yield strength and tensile strength. The higher the flexion ratio, the closer the elastic limit is to the tensile strength, and thus the greater the strength utilization, the stronger the elasticity of the Spring Steel Wire made.
    Spring Steel Wire to rely on elastic deformation to absorb the impact energy, so the Spring Steel Wire does not have to have a high plasticity, but at least have to withstand the Spring Steel Wire forming plastic, and enough to withstand the impact of energy toughness.
     Spring Steel Wire is usually long acting under alternating stress, so it has a very high fatigue limit, as well as good creep resistance and anti-relaxation performance.
    The use of Spring Steel Wire in a particular environment, there will be some special requirements for steel wire, corrosive media used in the Spring Steel Wire, must have good corrosion resistance. Precision instruments used in the Spring Steel Wire, should have long-term stability and sensitivity, the temperature coefficient is low, the quality factor to be high, after effect is small, elastic modulus to be constant. Spring Steel Wire that works at high temperatures requires a sufficient elastic limit and good creep resistance at high temperatures.

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