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Application Of Valve Spring Wire

In all the spring products are not more stringent than the valve spring material requirements, especially the high stress and special-shaped section of the valve spring on the material requirements of the harsh:

High strength: tensile strength 2000MPa.

Excellent surface quality: the surface does not allow full decarburization, semi-decarburization depth can not exceed 0.5% of the wire diameter, surface defects depth of not more than 40μm, in order to achieve this requirement wire in the process, the surface to be stripped and after two Various ways (through type and rotary) eddy current testing, defective parts are automatically sprayed on the logo.

Ultra-pure: the oxide, sulfide inclusions grade reached 0, the material oxygen content, nitrogen content and copper, aluminum, titanium content control requirements, so the production of valve spring steel need to be carried out from the source smelting control.

Good anti-relaxation performance: the requirements of long-term valve spring in the 120 ~ 150 ℃ service conditions, the load attenuation of less than 5%.

Uniformity of strength: the same disc material strength difference of not more than 140MPa, shaped cross-section materials such as oval cross section of the curvature of different round tangent point, elliptical cross-section of the long and short axis have special requirements.

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