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Spring Surface Condition And Fatigue Properties Of Spring Wire

Excellent surface condition and fatigue performance: spring work when the surface to withstand the greatest stress, and fatigue damage is often from the wire surface, for the use of important occasions in the spring, such as car engine valve spring generally require fatigue life of 2.3 × 107 times ~ 3.0 × 107 times, in the high-end car suspension spring generally requires 2.0 × 106 times ~ 5.0 × 106 times or even longer fatigue life, which on the fatigue properties of the material made a very high demand.

There are many factors that affect the fatigue properties of the material, such as the chemical composition of the material, the hardness, the purity of the steel, the surface quality and the microstructure, etc., especially the surface quality of the material. Material surface defects, such as cracks, folding, scales, rust, pits, scratches and indentation, are easy to make the spring in the work caused by stress concentration. The stress concentration of the site is often caused by fatigue damage to the source of fatigue. Fatigue source is also easy in the surface decarburization of the first place, so strictly control the decarburization depth is also a very important quality indicators.

In order to improve the surface quality of the spring material, the surface of the material can be polished or polished, before stripping the steel wire stripping process stripping a layer of material skin, so that most of the surface defects can be removed. Spring heat treatment can be used to control the atmosphere or vacuum heat treatment to prevent surface decarburization and oxidation.


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