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As A Consumable, How To Determine When To Replace The Wire Rope?

As a consumable, the wire rope needed to be replaced regularly. But how long does it change, and there is no fixed standard?. This is mainly due to the different use occasions, different use intensity, the product can maintain the normal use of life is different. Veteran workers can accurately determine whether they need to change, and novices can judge by the following characteristics.

The first is to measure the diameter of the wire rope. Each product has a specific specification, which is the diameter. Most of the ropes bear tensile stress, and the deformation mainly depends on the increase of the length and the shrinkage of the diameter. Therefore, it is very important to regularly measure the diameter of the ropes as required. Once the diameter change of some parts exceeds the standard requirements, it is necessary to replace it in time.

The second is the method is to see the smoothness of the whole body. This kind of rope is usually made of special knitting methods. If you find some parts of the phenomenon of silk, you must be vigilant, it is best to immediately change.

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