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Alloy Steel Wire Production Process

Bearing wire of the general production process is as follows:

Material Inspection - Spheroidizing Annealing - Pickling - Coating - Drawing - Intermediate Heat Treatment - Finished Heat Treatment - Performance and Low Times Inspection - Oil Packaging

Spinning annealing of raw materials is critical in the production of bearing wire, which directly affects the smooth progress of the drawing process and the finished product performance. Raw material is good quality, a total reduction in the rate of drawing up to 70% to 80%, the average pass minus the rate of about 20%. Semi-finished and finished products of the heat treatment using recrystallization annealing. Some bearing wire requirements to phosphating and slightly cold-drawn state of delivery, cold deformation control in 10% to 30%. Phosphating can improve the lubrication conditions during drawing, reduce mold wear, improve the wire size and surface quality, while the residual phosphate layer has a good anti-rust ability, is conducive to improving the production process of rust and finished product storage The The light pull increases the tensile strength of the wire. Phosphating and gently pull the state of the bearing wire outside the hard inside the soft, cold forging effect is good, easy to produce bonding, suitable for bearing manufacturing.

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