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Automotive Design Requirements For Carbon Spring Steel Wire

In the current automotive suspension system, the available Carbon Spring Steel Wire components are Spiral Carbon Spring Steel Wire, Carbon Spring Steel Wire, Carbon Spring Steel Wire, Tire Bar Carbon Spring Steel Wire and Oil and Carbon Steel Spring Steel Wire. These Carbon Spring Steel Wire has its own characteristics and is used in different environments. Comparing Carbon Spring Steel Wire with other resilient elements is not only the role of other elastic elements, but the friction between the sheets and the friction outside the hinges can cause partial attenuation vibrations.
Carbon Spring Steel Wire has been widely used, in addition to the above reasons, because it also has a stable performance, low price, simple structure and other advantages. Not only in the cargo and the bus which widely used Carbon Spring Steel Wire, but also in the small car has also been a lot of applications.
Carbon Spring Steel Wire By shape, there are semi-elliptical leaf springs, oval leaf springs. Carbon Spring Steel Wire, which is used for use as a plate spring for rolling stock and railway vehicles. In this case, the semi-elliptical leaf spring is now the most widely used standard form. Most of the cars, including large vehicles, are used in almost all of the various Carbon Spring Steel Wire. From the functional point of view, Carbon Spring Steel Wire is not only need to have a certain carrying capacity, but also must have a certain degree of flexibility, can be used to ease the impact from the road, and these two people are often very contradictory. In addition, the actual use of the leaf spring, the cost of production and the manufacturing process. So when it finances Carbon Spring Steel Wire, it meets the requirements of the latter as much as possible on the basis of satisfying the former.
Carbon Spring Steel Wire is the most common item in life, it is widely used, almost all walks of life can see his shadow, that in the Carbon Spring Steel Wire processing need to pay attention to what? Wealthy hardware to tell you.
Carbon Spring Steel Wire with no support ring and Carbon Spring Steel Wire and wire diameter is too small. However, the end of the cable can not be loosened and the burrs need to be removed. Where the need to weld the head of the multi-strand spring, the length of the welding site should be less than 3 times the cable diameter (the longest should not be greater than 10 mm). The length of the heating should be less than one turn, after grinding need to smooth grinding, gas welding in the welding parts need to be local low temperature annealing.
Supporting the ring according to the requirements of the product can be used to cool and hot and two methods. And then use the heat and the way does not allow the spring to the spark or whitening, silicon Meng steel temperature can not be higher than 850 degrees, the support ring and the effective ring should be effective contact, the gap can not exceed 10% between the circle between the nominal.
Multi-strand spring characteristics can be determined by the adjustment of the lead, winding system when the cable from the need for relative adjustment. Twist pitch can take 3-14 times the wire diameter, but generally take 8-13 times the best, spring force also need a free height, and end ring, diameter and wire performance has a very close relationship, you can directly adjust the Item or a few to be changed.
Important Carbon Spring Steel Wire tightening time is 24 hours, the ordinary Carbon Spring Steel Wire is 6 hours or continuous compression 3-5 times, each time to maintain 3-5 seconds. When pressed, the Carbon Spring Steel Wire and the pitch of the Qin axis are 10% of the diameter of the mandrel, and the gap is too small to operate, and the gap is too high to make the Carbon Spring Steel Wire bend. If one of the Carbon Spring Steel wires is broken, it needs to be reprocessed.

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