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How To Increase Shaped Spring Steel Wire Production

Shaped Spring Steel Wire is now the production and life of the necessary items, there are many companies fancy market, and vigorously production, I believe many people will ask Shaped Spring Steel Wire how to improve the quality of it? In fact, the impact of Shaped Spring Steel Wire production factors can be divided into: drawing process, production organization and equipment reasons, the following for everyone to introduce.
1, how to optimize the Shaped Spring Steel Wire drawing process, the number of drums under certain conditions, then to maintain the total compression rate of the same, the appropriate reduction in part of the compression rate, the appropriate increase in the number of drawing, Reduce the final 1 part of the partial compression rate, can change the state of the internal stress distribution of the wire, so that the tensile strength of the decline in plasticity indicators in the rise, the product pass rate will be greatly improved.
2, drawing process, Shaped Spring Steel Wire and drawing die between the sliding friction, may lead to die hole in the wire deformation is uneven, and will produce a lot of heat, increase energy consumption, then need to use the drawing powder To dry and good mobility, while drawing too often need to stir, so you can prevent the drawing powder coking. Ensure that the cooling channels of the molds and reels are unobstructed during the drawing process and that sufficient flow can be maintained and that the Shaped Spring Steel Wire box is dry and clean. The use of internal narrowing water cooling and external forced air cooling, finished roll using internal spray water cooling and external ring gap forced air cooling, with lower hardness of the cooling water, water pressure in the 0.2-0.3MPa, temperature Do not exceed 30 ° C.
3, in the production of Shaped Spring Steel Wire process to be strictly controlled "three temperature and one speed", is to control the lead temperature, furnace temperature, line temperature, wire speed in the furnace, which can reduce the oxidation of steel wire surface, Can prevent the wire hanging lead, and can strengthen the Shaped Spring Steel Wire lead tank management, can ensure that the surface of the liquid cover is tight, can be crossed in the lead wire running. Also need to control the broken head, scattered, is strictly prohibited off the assembly line.
Shaped Spring Steel Wire Heat treatment is a process that cools Shaped Spring Steel Wire into a certain environment and heats it at a constant temperature for a certain period of time and at the same speed.
Shaped Spring Steel Wire heat treatment is the most important process in production, heat treatment does not change Shaped Spring Steel Wire form and the overall chemical composition, by changing the Shaped Spring Steel Wire internal microstructure, or change the Shaped Spring Steel Wire surface Chemical composition, to give or improve the use of Shaped Spring Steel Wire performance, his main feature is to change the inherent quality of Shaped Spring Steel Wire, this situation is generally not directly visible with the naked eye, in order to allow Shaped Spring Steel Wire with The required mechanical properties, special performance. In the selection of reasonable materials, heat treatment is also essential. The following Fu Li Hardware to tell you about the heat treatment defects solution.
1, the reasons for decarburization, this situation can lead to Shaped Spring Steel Wire life is reduced, this situation is often due to air furnace heating quenching unprotected gas or salt bath deoxidation is not complete. In the production of air furnace heat quenching should be through the protection of gas or drip solution for protection, salt bath furnace in the heating time, salt bath should be deoxidized, impurity bao mass fraction of less than 0.2 percent, but also on the surface of raw materials Check.
2, overheating, this situation is mainly due to Shaped Spring Steel Wire quenching heating temperature is too high, the hot forming temperature is too high, the treatment according to the correct temperature of the experiment, reduce the temperature of the thermoforming, to strengthen the calibration of the instrument to ensure temperature measurement accurate.
3, cracking, the main reason is due to surface decarburization, Shaped Spring Steel Wire Tempering is not timely or the heating temperature is too high or quenching medium cooling capacity is too large, in dealing with this situation should strictly control the heating temperature, with isothermal Quenched or martensitic, fire in the Shaped Spring Steel Wire medium to 250-300 degrees and then remove the air cooling, immediately after quenching to be tempered.

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