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Detailed Knowledge Of Spring Steel Wire

Detailed knowledge of Spring Steel Wire
 A flexible rope made of multiple or multiple strands of wire is used in the material handling machine for lifting, pulling, pulling and carrying. Spring steel wire with high strength, light weight, work smoothly, not easy to suddenly broken the whole root, reliable, commonly used Dainan stainless steel - stainless steel spring steel factory production of galvanized Spring Steel Wire, stainless steel Spring Steel Wire and so on.
    Spring Steel Wire by twisting the level can be divided into single-winding, double-winding and three-winding
    ① single rope: by a number of fine wire around a metal core made of twisted, poor flexibility, repeated bending easy to wear broken, mainly used for non-movement of the tension cable.
    ② double rope: by the wire twisted into the shares and then by the wire around the rope twisted into a rope. Commonly used core for the Ma core, high temperature operation is appropriate asbestos core or soft steel wire twisted into the metal core. Rope before the rope coated with oil, can reduce the friction between the wire caused by the damage. Double ropes flexible, easy to manufacture, the most widely used.
    ③ three around the rope: to double the rope and then around the double twisted rope twisted into a rope, flexible; but the manufacture of more complex, and the wire is too thin, easy to wear, it is rarely used. Spring Steel Wire around the direction of winding around and around two. The wire is twisted into the same direction as the twist of the strand. The contact between the wire and the spring is better, the flexibility is also good, the service life is long, but there is a tendency to reverse the loosening, and it should not be used as a lifting rope for the lifting of the free end. It can be used as a rigid guide The rope or traction rope when the line is raised. The wire is twisted into the strand and the twist is twisted into the rope. The Spring Steel Wire is not easy to twist loose, widely used in lifting operations.
    The Spring Steel Wire can also be divided into three kinds of contact, line contact or face contact by the contact state between each wire in the stock.
    ① point of contact with the Spring Steel Wire: wire in the wire are the same diameter. In order to make the wire force evenly, each layer of wire twist after the spiral angle is roughly equal, but the twist pitch range, so the inner and outer wire cross each other, was point contact state.
    ② wire contact with the Spring Steel Wire: strand in each layer of wire twist the same distance, the inner and outer wire contact with each other in a spiral line, the line contact state. The performance of the wire contact Spring Steel Wire is much better than that of the point contact, so it is widely used.
    ③ sealed spring steel wire: surface contact with a rope, the outer layer made of steel wire B, the surface is smooth, good wear resistance, and the same diameter of the other types of Spring Steel Wire compared to the tensile strength, and can Understand the lateral pressure, but the flexibility is poor, the process is more complex, high manufacturing costs, often used as carrying cables, such as cable cranes and aerial ropeway cable.
    Spring steel cross-section in addition to round shares, there are triangular shares, oval shares and flat stocks and other special-shaped stocks. Compared with the round, they have a higher strength, with the reel or pulley rope groove contact performance, long service life, but the manufacturing more complex.
    Steel wire made of high quality carbon steel, after repeated cold drawing and heat treatment can achieve high strength. Wet or open environment and other workplace can be galvanized steel wire twisted into the Spring Steel Wire to enhance the anti-rust performance.
    Spring steel wire in the industrial countries are standard products, according to the need to choose its diameter, rope number, the number of steel per strand, tensile strength and adequate safety factor, its specifications can be found in the relevant manual. In addition to the wear of the outer wire, the Spring Steel Wire is gradually broken by the repeated bending of the pulley and the reel, so the ratio of the diameter of the pulley or the reel to the Spring Steel Wire is an important factor in determining the life of the Spring Steel Wire. Ratio is large, steel bending stress is small, long life, but the body is huge. Must be based on the use of occasions to determine the appropriate ratio. The wear and tear of the surface layer of the Spring Steel Wire shall be scrapped when the number of turns exceeds the specified value.

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