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Introduction Of Alloy Steel Wire Waste Liquid Treatment

Introduction of Alloy Steel Wire waste liquid treatment
Iron and steel industry as a more polluting industries, environmental responsibility is duty-bound, many steel enterprises are also responding to the call of the state, and actively take measures to reduce pollution to a minimum. One of the most powerful measures is the 42CrMo iron waste recycling and treatment measures.
Treatment of 42CrMo Alloy Steel Wire Waste
There are many ways to deal with alloy steel wire waste, the most common is the liquid extraction method, pickling method and immersion combustion method, the following focus on to introduce the immersion burning method. Alloy steel wire immersion combustion is the gas and other combustible gas mixed with air, through the speed tube into the burner for flameless combustion. The burned air stream is discharged from the lower part of the burner located in the evaporator (in a small bubble) with the waste heat, so that the waste is heated to evaporate and then concentrated. 42CrMo specific process is the pickling plant pickling waste into the waste tank storage, and then use the acid pump into the pre-evaporator, in the pre-evaporator, waste acid and evaporator in the high temperature air flow after the Heat exchange, improve the waste liquid temperature. In the evaporator, the waste liquid is concentrated due to the high temperature of the combustion, and the concentrate is raised to the mold by the steam lifting method and the stirring is continued.
The cause of pickling pickling and the overtouring of defects
Oxygen pickling is generally due to lack of pickling time, of course, the concentration of pickling lotion is one of the factors. Such as sulfuric acid solution may be insufficient temperature. Semi-finished alloy steel wire is not wearing a bar, or although the bar and too dense, acid flow through the poor, will be in the local residual different degrees of oxide. In addition, the surface of alloy steel wire products such as contaminated oil, will also cause less pickling. Pickled alloy steel wire surface with a layer of dark gray similar to the sludge of the oil-like film, with a hydrogen embrittlement. Pickling defects are generally easy to identify, in the Alloy Steel Wire surface to produce easy to wipe the black coating is. In severe cases, even measured quality and weight loss may occur. As the pickling solution is too strong to produce a black layer of erosion, then the carbon contained in the steel on the 42CrMo Alloy Steel Wire surface.
Above we share with you 42CrMo Alloy Steel Wire under the pickling and pickling the performance and defects, is the so-called know ourselves, know yourself, understand the causes of these defects, as long as we in the production process more attention, will greatly improve Product qualification rate.

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