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Galvanized Low Carbon Steel Wire For Overhead Communication

Has strict requirements on resistivity and chemical composition of raw materials must therefore obtain the resistivity of the wire is qualified. Wire of surface processing, and drawing and hot processing process and General uses low carbon wire similar, but requirements more thick of zinc layer, some in plating zinc Hou also to for passivation processing, that put plating zinc Hou of wire immersion chrome acid, and sulfuric acid and the nitric acid of mixed solution in the, makes zinc layer surface formed is rainbow color or pale yellow, and light green, and pink, mixed color of passivation protection film, to further improve wire of resistance corrosion performance. Galvanized steel wire before annealing. Product 345~490MPa on the tensile strength of galvanized low carbon steel wire armoured cable also requires a thick layer of zinc, also called passivation treatment since they were galvanized.

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