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General Purpose Low-carbon Steel Wire

Wire production is one of the largest species, its diameter between 0.16~10MM. It smooth and galvanized surfaces can be divided into two kinds, by delivery status can be divided into two cold drawing and annealing. The tensile strength of cold drawn steel wire, use%26le;635~1000MPa; nail is%26le;540~1320MPa. Larger the wire diameter, tensile strength is smaller. Construction of cold-drawn steel wire tensile strength shall not be less than 635MPa. Annealed wire tensile strength between 295~500MPa. When you select raw materials, keep the wire flexibility taking into account, in order to prevent tensile strength high, wire diameter should be low carbon content in small; but on the bigger the nail wire, you need to use raw materials with high carbon to avoid wire bending when the punch. At the time of production of smooth steel wire for nail, Rod can be mechanical descaling (see rod for mechanical descaling) and without coating (see lubricant carrier) can be drawn. At the time of production or galvanized steel wire for nails, due to its higher surface quality requirements, usually Rod after mechanical descaling by pickling and yellow and lime dip coating treatment, can be drawn. Due to the low-carbon steel wire of good plastic deformation resistance of small, so drawing a pulling drive total area reduction (see area reduction rate) can be made bigger, and can be up to about 95%. Each area reduction is generally%26le;35%. General purpose low-carbon steel wire galvanized before heat treatment or extraction process intermediate between heat treatment, commonly used continuous recrystallization annealing and widely used furnace annealing and annealing furnace in two ways. Continuous annealing and continuous hot-dip zinc or zinc-plating formed a continuous line; furnace annealing is used on a non-continuous operation of the production line.

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