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Process Of Process Of Carbon Spring Steel Wire

Process of process of Carbon Spring Steel Wire

Raw Carbon Spring Steel Wire process: steel wire rod, surface treatment, wire drawing (mattress Carbon Spring Steel Wire in the) lead quenching Carbon Spring Steel Wire: in the middle of the cold drawn rod size or specifications lead bath quenching, and then the surface treatment and drawing.

Galvanized Carbon Spring Steel Wire: usually hot plate or electroplating in finished product size, and the cold drawn to the specified size when the hot plate acid is used.

Oil quenching Carbon Spring Steel Wire: according to the need can use carbon steel or alloy steel, surface treatment and cold drawing to the finished size after quenching tempering treatment, the technology on automobile suspension spring and valve spring wire use morer, ordinary spring, of course, also can be used.

Heat treatment: carbon steel is commonly used Carbon Spring Steel Wire lead bath quenching process, can obtain a very fine pearlite (sorbite), to improve the deep drawing performance and spring performance is beneficial, the alternative technology of fluidized bed lead bath hasn't popularization and application at present in small diameter. The alloy steel wire is generally annealed heat treatment, so that the microstructure ADAPTS to the drawing deformation. The heat treatment of stainless steel wire is treated with solid solution, and its purpose is to improve the tissue to meet the needs of drawing.

Surface treatment: it is usually phosphating, removing iron oxide and forming phosphating film. A few are handled mechanically.

Drawing: finished drawing process the drawing process of a great influence on the performance of the product, generally USES about 90% of the total larger ratio of surface area (see reduction rate) and the way of the smaller time degressive rate (about 10% to 20%), to ensure that the toughness of the products. For high strength Carbon Spring Steel Wire, drawing should control the export of steel wire for different temperature below 150 ℃, therefore, when drawing must have good lubrication and cooling, adopt the way of the smaller ratio of surface and helps to reduce the temperature rise of wire drawing speed.

The Carbon Spring Steel Wire has a variety of problems in production, one of which is the slow dip in the depression, which affects the production process and how should we solve it.

Carbon Spring Steel Wire surface is bright and clean, but also because of high phosphorus removal process is adopted in processing, so we can ensure that the flat surface is bright and clean, the size of the Carbon Spring Steel Wire are also more accurate. Really want to solve the shandong Carbon Spring Steel Wire calices plating on the slow situation, must first understand where is the reason, the main reason lies in small current, lead in the plating solution composition, temperature is high, less brightener can cause this kind of phenomenon, want to solve this kind of situation, suggest that we increase current adding potassium chloride, zinc powder is used to deal with, to do a good job of cooling, adding good brightener.

It is simple to solve the slow - plating method in the hollow of Carbon Spring Steel Wire. It is important that we master certain techniques.

The specifications and standards of Carbon Spring Steel Wire are constantly modified and upgraded after the change of time. The specifications and standards of different types of Carbon Spring Steel Wire are of course different.

1. 113-55 Carbon Spring Steel Wire standard: the standard is basically copy the original Soviet standard content, the steel number selection is also former Soviet material. This standard laid the foundation for the development of China's Carbon Spring Steel Wire standard;

2. Yb248-64 Carbon Spring Steel Wire standard;

1. The steel wire size and allowable deviation shall be in accordance with the following table;

2, classification: steel wire according to the mechanical properties of the different, divided into four groups, both Ⅰ group, Ⅱ group, Ⅱ group a, Ⅲ group;

3. Standard application scope: it is applicable to the cold-drawn Carbon Spring Steel Wire of the round section, and the wire is used to make the spring which is wrapped in cold state without quenching.

Carbon Spring Steel Wire production process belongs to a kind of metal pressure processing technology, according to the product standard, choosing the appropriate material, using reasonable technology, scientific management, basic guarantee is to ensure that the products are qualified.

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