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Spring Wire Material

Spring selection principles: first of all meet the functional requirements, followed by strength requirements before finally considering the economy.

Spring steel carbon spring steel is versatility, the largest amount of steel. Of manganese in steel carbon with 0.60%~0.90% and 0.3%~1.20%, not to add additional alloying elements, using a relatively low cost. Carbon spring steel wire or processing by appropriate heat treatment, you can get very high tensile strength, enough toughness and good fatigue life. But the hardenability of low carbon steel wire, relaxation properties and corrosion-resistant performance is poor, young's modulus temperature coefficient (up to 300x10-6/), applies to the manufacturing section is small, low working temperature (120 ℃ >) spring.

Spring steel alloy containing 0.45%~0.70% of carbon and alloying elements such as a certain amount of Si,Mn,Cr,V,W and b. The addition of alloying elements to improve the resistance of spring steels-relaxation, improve the toughness of steel, while significantly improving the hardenability of steel and temperature, suitable for manufacturing large sections, high temperatures of spring.

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