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The Surface Treatment Of Spring Steel Wire

The surface treatment of Spring Steel Wire
Ordinary steel wire can not directly manufacture spring wire, must have a special surface treatment, already has spring steel with tensile strength, compressive strength, fatigue resistance, Kang friction, stable performance, long life, corrosion resistance and other performance indicators.
Surface treatment of spring wire
Generally include anti-physical wear and chemical resistance of two parts of the treatment, anti-physical wear, spring wire surface with a special alloy material, with wear, tensile, compression and other special properties. Anti-chemical corrosion treatment, Spring Steel Wire surface plated stainless steel or galvanized and other anti-corrosion treatment process to avoid the Spring Steel Wire is chemical corrosion, affecting its service life.
Spring Steel Wire also need to lead the bath, the purpose is to improve the Spring Steel Wire chemical properties and stability, the spring wire surface through the lead bath can ensure its long-term stability of chemical properties.
The production process of Spring Steel Wire generally includes the selection of high quality wire - "pre-pickling -" pickling - "secondary pickling -" water red - "high temperature phosphating (medium temperature phosphating) -" neutralization " Drying - "drawing.
Phosphating need to heat the general use of resistance components heating method, heating is to slowly add to avoid rapid cooling, stable to control in a reasonable range, the temperature can not be improved and too low, the general phosphating temperature do not check 100 degrees Celsius. The impact of Spring Steel Wire quality is mainly three aspects, the choice of raw materials, choose high-quality wire, pickling should be in place, phosphate to be in place, do these three aspects, the basic can ensure the quality of spring wire.
Spring wire in the design, the need to consider a number of factors, this article mainly talk about the spring wire in the design should be considered aspects.
The diameter of the spring wire
The diameter of the spring wire diameter affects other aspects of the spring wire, so depending on the requirements, select the appropriate diameter, the greater the diameter of the general Spring Steel Wire the higher the quality.
Number of work cycles
The number of work cycles is also the Spring Steel Wire design, an important consideration, the more the number of working cycles, the greater the spring wire bearing capacity, otherwise the opposite, so the spring wire according to the mature ability to select the spring wire turns.
Volume, weight, stability and other factors
In the design of Spring Steel Wire, but also consider other factors, such as volume, volume and engineering machinery is appropriate, whether the weight is excessive, stable performance is reliable, and life.

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