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The Use Of Alloy Steel Wire In Construction

The use of Alloy Steel Wire in construction
A new application of Alloy Steel Wire is in the building reinforcement, Alloy Steel Wire reinforcement has many advantages, its application is not only in the mattress, the use of the building is still relatively wide, the following simple summary for everyone.
1, in the same quality standards, you can save steel, than ordinary steel can save 22%, to achieve a good economic benefits.
2, to improve the construction speed, the construction progress faster, the use of high-strength Alloy Steel Wire mesh construction and ordinary artificial installation of scattered steel compared to the work progress increased by 15% to 30%, greatly improving the construction progress, Requirements of relatively high engineering, the advantage is very obvious.
3, the construction quality is better, the use of Alloy Steel Wire mesh construction, uniform network structure, high strength, the construction quality is more assured.
4, prominent economic benefits, with less, high quality, while shortening the progress of the project, comprehensive economic efficiency is very good.
I believe we understand the performance characteristics of the Alloy Steel Wire, especially the construction workers to understand it deeper, I hope everyone in the use of Alloy Steel Wire to get a good income.
Recently with the Alloy Steel Wire users more and more, we are very concerned about the selection of its specifications parameters. Our Alloy Steel Wire products in the mattress on the use of more, so we can refer to the following parameters when purchasing.
First, the Alloy Steel Wire diameter d: the manufacture of spring wire diameter.
Spring diameter D, spring diameter D1, spring diameter D2. They are calculated as: D2 = (D + D1) ÷ 2 = D1 + d = D-d
Second, the effective number of Alloy Steel Wire laps: to maintain the same pitch of the number of laps.
Support the number of laps: and tight lap only play a supporting role, known as the support circle. Generally have 1.5T, 2T, 2.5T, commonly used is 2T. Total number of turns n1: the number of effective turns and the number of support cycles.
Third, the Alloy Steel Wire spiral direction: there are left and right spin of the points, commonly used right-handed.
Four, spring spin ratio; diameter D and wire diameter d ratio.
On the Alloy Steel Wire specifications, we are in use or to be specific according to the effect we have to choose, Alloy Steel Wire specifications are strict production requirements, we can always consult.
Everyone in the use of wire products, the most worried about a problem is the corrosion problem, most of the metal products need to surface treatment, in order to achieve the characteristics of anti-corrosion, the following we introduce the Alloy Steel Wire coating standards.
Alloy Steel Wire coating generally there are two ways, one is the electroplating wire, the other is hot-plated steel wire. In the production of small-size wire rope, most of the choice of electroplating wire as the raw material of the wire rope coating processing methods. The thickness of the electroplated steel wire coating is uniform and compact, and the mechanical properties of the steel wire before and after plating are changed little. The thickness of the coating can also be adjusted according to the requirements.
In the process of Alloy Steel Wire coating, the key factor affecting the quality of the coating steel wire is the cleanliness of the steel wire before plating and the mass concentration of the plating solution, the pH value control and the size of the monofilament current.
After the steel wire after coating process not only has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, but also has a certain aesthetics, so many customers are very concerned about the quality of coated steel wire, we can always pick.

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