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Classification of spring steel wire

Spring according to the working conditions can be divided into static spring and dynamic spring. Static spring refers to the limited number of springs during the service period, such as safety valve spring, spring pad, weighing pan spring, fixed load spring, mechanical spring, watch gossamer and so on. Dynamic spring refers to the number of vibration times up to 1 × 106 times the spring, such as engine valve spring, vehicle suspension spring, shock spring, coupling spring, elevator buffer spring. Static spring material selection of the first to consider the tensile strength and stability, dynamic spring material selection of the first consideration of fatigue, slack and resonance function.

Spring according to the load situation can be divided into light load, general load and heavy load three conditions. Light load refers to the static stress, stress is low, less deformation of the spring, such as safety equipment with the spring, vibration and other vibration springs. Plan to use life of 103 to 104 times.

General load refers to the planned life of 105 to 106 times, the vibration frequency of 300 times / min conditions used in the general spring. In the allowable stress plan, the number of longevity guaranteed 1 × 106 times, the lower the load stress, the longer the longevity.

Heavy load refers to a long time work, the vibration of the spring again. Such as valve springs, air hammers, presses, hydraulic controller springs, the load is high, often less than 10% of the allowable stress application, the use of life is greater than 1 × 106 times, usually 107 times.

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