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Mechanical Valves in High Carbon Oil Quenching and Tempering Carbon Spring Steel Wire

Oil quenching and tempering spring steel wire Steel wire classification, grade, diameter range and the corresponding relationship with the steel grades Wire diameter control range

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Oil quenching and tempering spring steel wire 
Steel wire classification, grade, diameter range and the corresponding relationship with the steel grades                             




High fatigue

Common Representative brands

tensile strength

Low strength





Medium strength








high strength





Diameter range




Note 1: Static grade wire is suitable for general purpose springs, expressed in FD,
Note 2: Medium fatigue grade steel wire is suitable for clutch spring, suspension spring, damping coil spring and so on, expressed as TD.
Note 3: High fatigue grade steel wire is used for severe movement, such as engine valve spring and valve spring, expressed in VD.

Wire diameter control range

Note: The roundness is not greater than half the size of the allowable deviation
Wire surface inspection
Steel wire surface is smooth, there should be no harmful effects on the use of steel wire scratches, rust, folding, knot and other defects, allowing the maximum depth of no more than the next
The table specifies the depth of defects. VD grade, TD grade steel wire shall not have full decarburization, but allow not more than d1.0% of the semi-decarburization.
Maximum Depth Allowable for Surface Defects    


Heat treatment
Spring, the spring should be tempered between 380 ℃ ~ 420 ℃ treatment to reduce surface stress, shot blasting should be 250 ℃ hot pressure or eliminate the stress treatment.
delivery status
Oil quenching - tempering
Form of delivery
The wire is delivered in coil form

Material introduction
Steel grade 65Mn, 60Si2MnA, the material high strength, elastic limit, yield ratio, hardenability and anti-tempering stability, use is very
Widely used in some of the higher stress fatigue performance under the work of the important spring and wear serious spring, such as spring ring, shock absorber spring and brake
Car springs, automobiles, locomotives, tractor coil springs, cylinder safety valve spring and some mechanical wear-resistant rods and so on.

Spring steel wire for shock absorbers                                                  Spring steel wire for automobile 

Crusher with spring steel wire                                                            Spring wire for brake brakes     

Mechanical properties
Static level, in the fatigue class mechanical properties table (the same disk strength of not more than 50MPa)                    
High fatigue level mechanical properties table (with the disc strength is not greater than 40MPa)                              

Material introduction
The steel grade 55CrSiA, 50CrVA, this material processing performance is good, the tensile strength, the yield ratio and the elasticity reduction resistance are superior to other steel, can bear the higher stress load, specially is suitable in the work stress amplitude is high, the fatigue performance request is more strict Of the spring, such as automotive engine valve springs, valve springs, regulating spring, the condenser support spring, nozzle spring and safety valve spring and so on. 

 Spring wire for automobile engine valves                                          Spring steel wire for automobile clutch       

    Spring wire for valves                                                            Spring wire for engine injector         

With wide experience and expertise, Friend Metal is engaged in the developing, manufacturing and marketing of mechanical valves in high carbon oil quenching and tempering carbon spring steel wire ASTM-A230-99, ASTM-A401, EN10270-2, JIS G3561. As a professional manufacturer, we now brings you high quality various steel wires made in China which comes in high strength, well toughness and excellent wearing resistance. We also welcome your customized orders.

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