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Characteristics of shaped steel wire

Shape characteristics

There are a variety of special-shaped wire shape, both square and rectangular, triangular, hexagonal and also, flat and other multilateral irregular shape. Because of its unique shape, which has the following characteristics:

(1) shape functionality. According to the shape and purpose of different shaped wire, seal, location, orientation, stable and practical functions, such as mechanical bond, Kahuang, bearing cage, semicircle pin with shaped wire will play a very good role; the carburetor needle valve, piston ring sealing has good stability; six screw steel wire and spring with square and rectangular steel wire shaped wire, many special purposes have very good practical.

(2) free cutting and saving materials. The special-shaped steel wire produced now can be directly used for production and does not require the user to machine again, thus saving materials and reducing the user's many troubles, and also reducing the cost.

(3) high precision. The dimensional accuracy of special-shaped steel wire with modern means of production at present can reach 0.2 mm or so, some can reach below 0.01mm, high precision and even can reach micron level, such as the car scraping wire, elliptic wire etc..

Performance characteristics

In addition to the obvious shape characteristics, profiled steel wires should have the same mechanical properties as round steel wires, such as high strength, high toughness, low relaxation, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, wear resistance, etc.. With the egg type wire car valve spring, not only tensile strength to reach 1800 ~ 2000 MPa, also called the fatigue life of up to 107 times; with high strength and low relaxation flat steel wire winding million tons press again, the tensile strength reaches 1800 MPa, the value of relaxation is less than 2%. This has put forward higher requirements for the production of shaped steel wire, only materials strictly (such as peeling on raw oil tempered wire surface), to add a new nondestructive inspection procedure of the production process, to ensure the quality of some special shaped steel wire.

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