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Processing method of shaped steel wire

The traditional production of shaped steel wire is mainly used for machining methods, such as using the method of square wire round wire by forging or milling to produce, to take the first flat wire strip slitting production method, and then the edge planing, it not only waste a lot of manpower and material resources, but also waste materials, increase the cost of some special shaped steel wire of unlimited length can not be produced. The production of shaped steel wire by drawing steel wire not only has high production efficiency and high yield, but also creates conditions for the use of special-shaped steel wire and the subsequent processing, such as oil quenching and tempering. The main methods for processing round section blank into profiled steel wire are die drawing, roll drawing, rolling and the combination of these methods.

Die drawing

That is to say, using the special shaped wire drawing die series which is close to the finished product shape (before the finished product) and the equivalent shape of finished product (finished product pass), the wire billet is pulled into the finished product with the specified shape and size. This kind of forming method is simple in equipment, but it is difficult to make mould. Because most of the handwork is made, it can only be single production, and the productivity is low. In some more complex shape drawing wire, die hole with uneven drawing die easily from the corner cracking, it can only use a small amount of deformation. Normally, die drawing is only used to produce special-shaped steel wires with small batch size, complex cross-section shape and high dimensional accuracy.


It is still drawn and drawn, and the steel wire is pulled by the wire roller of the drawing machine to deform through the roller die made up of 2~4 rollers with grooves. Roller die is easy to manufacture, universal, high life, and the pavement reduction rate (see area reduction rate) is larger, about 25% to 30%. It is usually used in the production of a large number of complex shape and size accuracy requirements of the medium level of special-shaped steel wire or used to produce the product before the special-shaped wire blank.


Through rolling mill, the steel wire is rolled into the shape with special section. Generally, two rolls of mill are used, one of which is an active roller and the other is a passive roller, which rotates with the help of the friction between the roller and the steel wire. There are rolling tools easy manufacture, strong versatility, long service life, reduce road surface advantages rate is larger, but the poor dimensional accuracy of products, can not be processed with complex cross sections of steel wire, steel wire is generally used for large volume production, cross section shape is simple and accuracy is not high, can also be used for special production line before the finished blank.

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