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How much do you know about oil quenching - tempered wire?

Oil quenching steel wire is widely used in the industry due to its high surface hardness and good abrasion resistance.

In this paper, we briefly introduce some conditions of oil quenching - tempering steel wire, such as oil quenching - tempered steel wire heat treatment, oil quenching - tempering steel wire.


The emergence of a tempering steel wire is a few decades later than the cold-drawn steel wire, which makes a leap in the production technology of the spring industry.

Because the spring steel wire is cold-drawn to the required specification, it is not achieved by the cold deformation to meet the required mechanical performance indexes, but by the martensite phase transition reinforcement.

As long as the steel has sufficient hardenability, coarse and fine steel wire can obtain a relatively uniform tempering martensite and good comprehensive mechanical properties.

This kind of steel wire inside without internal stress, straight performance, cold torsion performance good, stable and uniform quality, high elastic limit, fatigue resistance performance is good, to replace individually again after using annealing of material around the spring quenching tempering production process, greatly improve the labor productivity and product quality.

A large diameter oil quenching cylinder wire is a very promising material.


Oil quenching a tempering spring steel wire is divided into two categories: one is the ordinary quality oil quenching steel wire, which is used for the manufacture of important mechanical springs.

Another type of valve spring wire is specially designed to manufacture valve springs or other high fatigue properties.

The main difference is that the latter is of high metallurgical quality, less harmful impurities, less quantity of non-metallic inclusions, higher surface quality, and more mechanical energy fluctuation range.


Deformation heat treatment technology is widely used in spring steel, and the development of low temperature deformation heat treatment (LTMT) spring steel wire is one of specific examples.

It is actually a superfine grain, high - strength oil quenching - tempered spring wire.

Under the same plastic conditions, the tensile strength of the deformation heat treatment spring steel wire is 250-300mpa higher than that of ordinary oil.


Oil quenching - tempering spring steel wire of the quenching heating temperature in furnace by steel, wire diameter size and heating duration decided by such factors as generally choose 800-800 degrees, the lower limit is suitable for processing manganese steel and carbon steel, 50 crva cap is suitable for processing low alloy steel wire, etc.

Heating time and temperature, silk diameter size and its running speed and so on, the higher the temperature, the shorter the wire diameter is fine, the heating time, heating per mm diameter 30 ~ 50 s, low alloy steel wire heating time should be 2 ~ 3 times of carbon steel wire.

The quenching oil temperature should be controlled at 40~70 degrees and the oil should flow in a circular flow, ensuring that the cooling is stable and stable, and the stable martensite is obtained.

The tempering is usually carried out in the lead bath, and the tempering temperature and time shall be determined according to the steel type, the size of the wire and the speed of its operation.


The quality problems of the oil quenching process are mainly: the surface of steel wire is out of carbon.

The hardness is too high, which is caused by insufficient tempering, resulting in a brittle steel wire.

This is the result of high heating temperature.

Improper operation to cause defects such as bruise or indentation of steel wire.


Our country has been studying and producing oil quenching steel wire and has been included in the national standard since the 1970s.

Main varieties are: a tempering valve oil quenching chrome vanadium alloy spring steel wire (GB2211), valve oil quenching one country fire carbon steel wire (GB4359), oil quenching tempering carbon spring steel wire (GB4360), oil quenching tempering silicon-manganese alloy spring steel wire (GB4361) and oil quenching tempering valve chromium silicon alloy spring steel wire (GB4362).

This kind of spring steel wire has been widely used in automobile tractors and other production.


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