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Suspension spring to strengthen

Due to the high stress light weight design, suspension spring greatly reduced weight in recent years, new models of suspension spring >1000Mpa stress is very common. Spring served in such a high-stress, material can withstand the limit has been exceeded, it must be complemented by other means of strengthening (shot blast).

Manufacturers of automotive suspension spring very stringent test standard, maximum of 1 trials of up to 70 days (10 weeks), it should work under high stress conditions the suspension spring, once the surface corrosion caused by stress corrosion fatigue failure, fracture of the spring port if the burst tire will have the potential to cause significant security and personal accident.

Shot blast is the most effective means of strengthening suspension springs, high stress and fatigue life for spring properly after the blast can be increased more than 5 times, suspension spring of shot blast at present mostly used steel cut wire shot, the craft is shot multiple times on (different ball diameter) widely used. Spring surface compressive strength and depth is an important index to measure blast effects. Good shot-peening surface stress at least -600Mpa above, close to 50um can reach -800Mpa, stress shot peening surface compressive stress of the spring can be more than -800Mpa from 50um surface can reach -1200Mpa

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