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Spring intensive

Available by shot peening equipment for leaf springs in a row one after a single treatment, let spring geometric concave exposure at high speed down. Typical models include a wheel ejection spring top, side mounted wheels and leaf springs spray around the side.

The standard leaf springs enhance the speed of the device is 10 feet per minute, if you need a higher production speed, you can increase the number of wheels, adjust the motor frequency. Working conditions, spring will be one-way repeated bending stresses, so sometimes is enhanced by stress. In the process of strengthening, simulated leaf spring used in the future will be "stress intensification", to bear the load in the direction of giving a "static stress" at the same time, to be shot-peening. Strengthened after the release of static stress for the plus. Experiments show that stresses intensive than conventional reinforced can further extend the service life of the spring.

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