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The advantages of flexible metal protection sleeves

Flexible metal wire protection sleeves are now known to many people in the industry, but why is it why people are concerned about it? This is mainly because it has a lot of advantages. So let's take a look at it.

1, comes with thread, easy connection:

Casing has a thread, do not need to pick the thread, regardless of any place cut off, you can use the connector and wire tube equipment, motor and other reliable connection. Even in the internal structure of the complex site, can be fast and simple piping.

2, shock and water resistance, good strength:

Due to the characteristics of material and structure, the pipe system belongs to the series of flexible tube, so the seismic and vibration resistance is excellent. The casing is made of water-resistant electrical insulation paper of pure wood pulp for the inner layer of casing material. Will be pre-buried in the concrete frame, the protection of wire and cable from damage.

3, cut off simple, easy processing:

With a special casing cutting knife, simply cut off, the section is very smooth and tidy, do not need to use saws, vise and other tools. Do not need to cut the processing, do not need to carry pick screw tools, bending machines, etc., only calipers and knives in the field to facilitate the construction.

4, small volume of light, easy to transport:

The selection of raw materials by special processing technology, casing structure of new and excellent quality, the tube light weight, rolled into a disc-like, small size, can be easily transported to the height of the building to eliminate the danger of operation.

5, free bending, handsome appearance:

The tube can be bent, the bend can be maintained in its shape, can also be adjusted by hand, no bending machine or complex means.

6, corrosion-resistant insulation, fire-retardant insulation:

Surface stainless steel belt, with excellent corrosion resistance, casing with wood pulp water-resistant electrical paper as the inner layer of materials, with excellent electrical insulation properties. Acid, alkali, salt and chemical performance better, fire indicators meet national standards.

7, explosion-proof dust, good shielding:

Increased safety, explosion-proof explosion-proof casing for dust, there are flammable and explosive gases and other special places explosion-proof motor, instrumentation and other equipment, electrical circuit protection. Shielding effect is good, in the communications, fire alarm and other industries, copper casing shielding better, and aluminum casing non-toxic harmless.

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