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The main source of scrap copper

There are two types of scrap copper.

One is the new waste copper, it is copper production process of waste generated. The metallurgical plant is called "home scrap" or "runaround". The copper scrap produced by the copper processing plant and the direct return to the supply plant are called "industrial waste copper", "spot scrap copper" ("prompt") or new waste copper.

The other is the old scrap copper, it is used after the abandoned items, such as abandoned from the old buildings and transportation system or demolition of the old waste copper. Copper and copper-based materials, whether in a bare state or in a final product, are recyclable at all stages of the product's life cycle. In general, for the regeneration of waste copper in the new copper accounted for more than half. And all waste copper after re-processing of about 1/3 to the form of fine copper to return to the market, another 2/3 to non-refined copper or copper alloy in the form of re-use. Direct application of waste copper is the premise of strict classification of stacking and strict sorting. Direct application of waste copper has a simplified process, simple equipment, high recovery rate, low energy consumption, low cost, light pollution and other advantages. The direct application of waste copper, how much reflects a country's copper recycling level. In contrast, the direct use of waste copper in China is low, about 200,000 t per year, accounting for only 30% to 40% of total waste copper recovery, and the production of brass processing materials by the township enterprises , Greatly reducing the economic efficiency, and in energy consumption, environmental protection caused by trouble.

China's imports of waste copper mainly from the United States, Japan, Germany, Russia, which the United States topped the list, while the United States on the management of waste copper and strict rules. To the United States as a typical classification criteria to be introduced. American waste copper is classified according to purity. The United States waste metal recycling Institute and even copper and its alloys are subdivided into 53 categories.

The United States usually contains more than 99% Cu content of copper is called No. 1 copper, No. 1 copper can be directly remelted and used, does not require further processing; the copper content of the lowest 94.5% copper called copper, this waste Copper must always be remelted before it is used in the form of metallic copper. Other common classification levels include brass, brass and low-zinc brass, cartridge brass, car heat sink, high copper brass (red brass), and a wide range of high-speed cutting brass The chips are directly regenerated and used in the form of the same constituent alloy for the re-processing of brass products. For the manufacturer, its main advantage is a significant reduction in the cost of net metal consumption. Waste copper is also used to produce copper chemicals, but it is not easy to obtain quantitative data.

China has no copper standards, but with the speed of industrialization in China to speed up the recovery of waste miscellaneous non-ferrous metals, trade and recycling industry is facing the socio-economic environment has undergone significant changes, not only waste mixed with non-ferrous metals varieties Constitute a large change, and a large number of foreign waste miscellaneous non-ferrous metals and all kinds of available waste into the country, to our nonferrous metal production provides a wealth of raw materials, but also on the production of renewable non-ferrous metals made a new Claim. Therefore, China is also stepping up the development of scrap metal standards. China National Nonferrous Metals Industry Association recycled metal branch led the organization of "copper and copper alloy waste scrap classification and technical conditions" has been included in the national technical standards revision plan. The new classification standards for non-ferrous metals will be based on the United States classification standards for non-ferrous metals and European classification of technical standards, combined with China's renewable non-ferrous metals industry to revise the actual situation, making it more conducive to the implementation of enterprises and management.

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